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Heartgard Plus – What Side Effects Can You Find with This Preventive Treatment. – JAN. 2020

Heartgard Plus is a widely used and the most popular heartworm preventive that most pet parents prefer to administer on their pets to protect and control heartworm infestations in them. This product from Merial/Boehringer Ingelheim is regarded as one of the best anthelmintic solutions for preventing heartworms. This oral preventive, which comes in a chewable… Read More »

Possessive Dogs – Reward or Warning?

Dog owners give oodles of attention to their pet. In return, they get tons of attention from their furry best friend. They enjoy this attention to the fullest. This bonding is exaggerated when the pet becomes possessive of his owner. Most of the time, pet parents take it as a matter of pride. They consider… Read More »