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Safety Tips for Using Flea and Tick Products on Your Pets

Safety Tips for Using Flea and Tick Products on Your Pets

For your healthy dogs or cats, taking good care along with protecting them from external parasites is very much essential. Fleas and ticks are the most common parasites that usually attack your pets and you will look up on to protect them. To control these nasty pests, pet parents use flea and tick control products on their furry pals. Continue reading

Preventive Nutrition – The Best Working Formula for Cat Nutrition


Cat Nutrition

Cat care and nutrition go hand in hand. Food and hygiene play vital role in raising a cat. Cats are not fond of exercise and so their diet needs to be given high attention to give them a healthy body. Cats of any and every age group need proper nutrition to combat routine health problems. As the feline grows older, she needs extra support in terms of dietary supplements. Cat’s innate nature of hiding pain makes her vulnerable to further damage due to diseases.

Pet parents must think about preventive nutrition to make sure their pussy ages well. Starting from the kitten years, the cat should be given proper food that suffices nutritional requirements and aids in her natural growth. In addition, one should go for vet advice to gain an insight on which food suits the pet. It is an ideal practice to give dietary supplements to fill up the nutritional gaps of a cat’s diet. Termed as preventive nutrition, this method helps in preventing deficiencies and diseases in the long run.

The need of preventive nutrition:

Nutrition plays a basic role in overall wellbeing of animals. When you give certain vitamins and minerals to avoid various diseases it is called preventive nutrition. This practice is ideal for all age groups of pets. For young kittens, the supplements help in building their bones, muscles and coat tissues. In adult cats, it prevents diseases. In aging animals, it helps reduce the problems faced by aging animals. We can further keep an account of the benefits of cat nutrition as follows:

  • When given as a preventive method, the supplements reduce the possibility of diseases.
  • It also helps in improving pet’s reflexes.
  • Supports proper growth in growing kittens.
  • Helps in building their muscles, bones and skin and coat tissues.
  • Lends a support system to aging pets
  • Fills up the need of wet diet
  • Adds healthy years to the pet’s life
  • Provides support after surgeries and accidents
  • Reduce chances of an underlying condition to develop into a disease

Rules of providing preventive nutrition:

  • It is always advisable to follow vet’s advice
  • Focus on giving wet food instead of dry kibbles
  • Go as per the life stage of the pet
  • The transition between kitten food and adult cat food should be slow
  • Do not feed dog food to the cat. Be species specific
  • Focus on weight management

To sum up, it is always a good practice to add nutrients into your pet’s diet. Cats are indoor animals and so need more of fiber and less of carbs. They do not have thirst pangs and remain less hydrated than dogs. Thus, wet diet is always a good option for the felines. So, just be extra careful about the nutritional needs of the pet. Fill up their diet with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and see how they remain healthy and live longer lives.

Christmas Safety Tips for your Pets

Christmas Safety Tips for your Pets

Christmas is around the corner. All of us are geared up to prepare for the festivities and give a startling end to the year. Children are waiting for the gifts from Santa. Friends are dying to party hard. It is all about celebration, celebration and celebration! While we are overwhelmed with the idea of joy all around, our pets may not be in the same frame of mind. They may feel discomfort on this joyful event. Yes! Your pooch or pussy may get annoyed during the festive season. Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions about Ear Mites in Dogs and Cats

Frequently Asked Questions about Ear Mites in Dogs and Cats

You must have noticed that sometimes your kitty or pooch start moving the head constantly or just go on scratching the ears and head in spite how hard you try to stop them to do so. To your surprise, it is nothing related to anxiety or behavioral disorder but presence of ear mites.

Though fleas and ticks may not be the problem in your pet, sometimes ear mites come out as villain of the good health game and destroy the harmony of your pet’s well being. You may wonder why these tiny creatures are playing havoc into your pet’s life. Well, to help you get all the answers for your queries…we have got you the right stuff. Continue reading

Is Your Pet A Threat To Your Health?

Pet Threat

Pets are nothing but a source of joy, hugs, cuddles and unadulterated love. They give you pure joy that lasts a lifetime. However, creeping inside those tender moments can be a dreadful disease that you can catch up from your pet. Animals contain certain germs, worms and disease causing bacteria that may put pet owner’s health at risk. Several zoonotic diseases are passed from animals to people. Cats and dogs are known to carry thirty zoonoses that may be harmful to humans. Continue reading