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“Doggy Smell”- Ways to Deal with Pet Odor

There is no other mood lifter better than a cuddle with your loving pooch. Isn’t it? But, the “doggy” smell can ruin that moment of love between you and your canine. It is quoted as “doggy” smell because the certain odor that a dog carries is natural and mostly found in all pooches. Though, sometimes it can turn foul and this can be completely a repelling property. It can be a lot more hygienic and comfortable if your pet smells great and is actually clean when you cuddle with him. Pet parents are usually looking for solutions to diminish the pet odor.


So, let’s have a look at some ways to deal with pet odor!

  • Food- The most important contributor

Whenever the pets have a foul odor, pet parents think deodorant is the solution. But, deodorants just cover up the odor instead of removing it. The main thing that affects the body odor of dogs is the kind of food that they have. The dog foods labeled as “healthy” and “natural” are everything other than that. Veterinarians of older times suggested raw food for dogs. They justified that if they wouldn’t have been petted, then who would have cooked for dogs? Eating raw is natural for them and analysis have shown that a dog put on raw food exerts no foul odor compared to a dog eating canned food. So, to control the doggy smell, put your pets on raw food or dry kibble. Canned food is a big “no-no” for canine’s health, so try to avoid it for his best.

  • Regular Bathing- Proper grooming can always help

Some pets may just need a good wash to shoo away the bad odor off the body. If your poodle has intolerant smell use the following recipe to prepare a solution that may remove the bad smell completely:

  • One quart 3% hydrogen peroxide
  • One-quarter cup baking soda (not powder)
  • One teaspoon liquid dish or hand soap
  • Mix this solution in a bucket and sponge it over your dog, nose to tail. Work it into her fur and rinse well.

Apart from bathing, comb your canine’s hair regularly. It is recommended to trim the hair around muzzle if your pooch has a long hair. It is also advisable to remove the hair around the anus as matted hair can produce a foul smell.

  • Say NO to extra medical ailments

It has been observed by the vets that dogs on unnecessary allopathic treatments are found to have bad odor when compared to the pets that are completely cut from these treatments. If your pooch needs any medical ailment, try for homeopathy to avoid “doggy” smell from his body.

“Doggy” smell can be easily dealt with conventional ways like providing home-made food or avoiding today’s treatments for dogs. The inner health issues can also be the reason for foul smell in dogs. So, to remove this odor from the roots trying these ways rather than covering it up with deodorants can be a better option.

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5 Heroic Sagas of Furry little Cats!

“A hero is somebody who voluntarily walks into the unknown.”
~ Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks, an Oscar winning artist has rightly said that a hero is the one who has no fear of the unknown and jumps in without thinking about their own safety. When it comes to heroism, it is not limited to human beings. Pets, who are just supposed to share our lives with love have shown their bravery to the world hundreds of times. Dogs have always been in the spotlight for their heroism. But it seems that the bravery stories of dogs have overshadowed the ones of the cats. Yes! There are a number of cats that have proven themselves to be equally loyal as dogs and have heroically helped their masters or all those who needed them.


Let’s know some of the spicy heroic sagas of cats that will blow off your minds!

  1. Masha

This is the most recent incident happened in the streets of Russia. Chris Perez has done an article on the heroism of Masha in New York Post in January 2015. Masha is a communal cat who is looked after by the local residents. She saved a baby boy that was abandoned in the streets of Russia. When Masha saw that boy in a box, she immediately stepped in the box and provided the needed warmth to the baby. This cat meowed and did her best to get the attention of the passers. With her meowing, one of the residents thought that she got injured and came to take a look on her. The sight of Masha beside the baby took her by surprise and the baby was then rushed to the hospital immediately. The mother instincts of Masha saved the abandoned baby, who could have died of cold if this brave cat wouldn’t have saved her.

  1. Rusty

Claire Nelson of Pennsylvania adopted Rusty before 2 years of this incident. One day in June 2011, Nelson wanted to lie down for a while as she was not well. Rusty kept bothering her, which was totally unlike him. Being fed up with the poking, Nelson then decided to go to the hospital. As soon as she reached the bus-stop, her health degraded and called 911. When she was examined by the doctors, they said that she had a heart attack and needed a surgery for stent implantation. Two stents were implanted and Nelson was saved by her cat. Rusty was his normal self after her return and never left her side till she felt better.

  1. Pwiditat

You all must be familiar with seeing-eye dogs. Here, you will find an example of a dog guarded by a seeing-eye cat. Judy Godfrey Brown owned a dog named Terfel and they lived in Wales. Terfel‘s eyes blurred with cataract and eventually he lost his eyes to old age. But, when Goldfrey invited a stray cat to her home, it turned out that Terfel got his eyes back. This cat, Pwiditat, guided Terfel through the house and garden with her paws and both of them came so close that they even slept together. Pwiditat was a blessing for Terfel and Goldfrey, as she helped this pooch in his hard times.

  1. Schnautzie

This cat proved that age is nothing but “mind over matter” kind of dimension. Schnautzie did a huge thing when she was just a kitten. This is an incident of October 2007. On a cold night at 2:00 a.m. Schnautzie hopped up to the chest of her master, Trudy Guy and began tapping her. Guy thought it as a cute gesture and slept off ignoring it. But Schnautzie didn’t drop it and continued to tap on her nose. Seeing her sniffing the air, Trudy sensed something fishy and woke up her husband. They both heard a hissing noise and found out that the gas line was broken and their basement was on fumes. If Schnautzie wouldn’t have alarmed her parents, Guy couple would have lost their lives.

  1. Smudge

Ethan, a five year old was playing in his front yard when he got bullied by other three kids. When one of the bullies pushed Ethan, that’s when Smudge, the hero entered. Smudge jumped over that bully and made him cry. Even after that he chased the guys till they disappeared out of the sight. This way, Smudge stood by his friend Ethan and showed his heroic spirit.

So, aren’t cats as brave and loyal as dogs? These balls of fur have stayed through thick and thin of their loved ones or strangers, like in the case of Masha. These instances provoke a thought of adopting a kitty. Isn’t it? Consider adopting one and you may never know, one day your cat could make it to the list of heroic cats that would make you proud.

Frontline Plus For Dogs- Answers To Most Common Queries

Summer is the most awaited season of the entire country. It has a sunny spark that charges up everybody’s life by adding extra energy. People love to spend their time around beaches with their family and friends leaving their worries behind. But, for a dog this season can be totally opposite as flea and tick infestation would create a great deal of issues for them. Though the summer splash would make everyone happier, the primary threat of fleas and ticks would haunt all pet parents throughout the summers.


The warm temperature and the humidity of these sunny days increase the transition of flea life-cycle stages. As a result, these pests hatch faster in the summer than they do in any other season. If your furry pal is not treated with an effective flea and tick treatment, then he is susceptible to this pest infestation and the diseases that they bring. Choosing a perfect treatment for your canine can make things easier. While on the subject, Frontline Plus for dogs is the most popular flea and tick treatment. Most veterinary practitioners recommend all pet parents to apply this topical treatment to fight these pests.

Let’s have a look at the answers of all the common queries regarding Frontline Plus!

What is Frontline Plus?

Frontline Plus is a topical treatment for fleas and ticks in dogs. Being introduced in Sept. 2000 by Merial, the world’s leading animal health company, this treatment has been the most recommended flea and tick preventive from past 14 years. This broad spectrum treatment is considered to be one of the most successful flea controls.

How does it work?

Frontline Plus for dogs is developed by combining Fipronil, the main ingredient of Merial and (s)-methoprene, an insect regulator. This combination works effectively to keep fleas and ticks away from dogs. Fipronil attacks adult fleas damaging their nervous transmission while (s) – methoprene eliminates the juvenile stages of fleas. Thus, on its application your poodles can be free from fleas as well as its re-infestation.

What are the basic things that pet parents should know about Frontline Plus?

  • It is a monthly spot-on treatment from the house of Merial.
  • Frontline Plus is safe for all breeds and sizes of dogs that are above 8 weeks of age.
  • Color coded packs for different weight ranges of dogs are available for this flea control. It is advisable to weigh your canine and thereafter select an appropriate pack for him.
  • It is a waterproof treatment.
  • Frontline Plus for dogs 24 hours to kill the fleas while it takes up to 48 hours to eliminate ticks from a dog’s body.

How to apply this treatment to your canines?

Being a spot-on treatment, its application may need a bit of your time. Wash your hands before its application to your canine. Part the fur between the shoulder blades of your pooch where he cannot lick. Break the pipette and empty its content on that single spot in case of medium dogs. For larger breed dogs, apply its content at 4-5 spots starting from the shoulder blades and move across the spine till the base of the tail.

Why should you go for Frontline Plus for dogs?

  • Being a topical treatment, Frontline Plus is easy to apply. This treatment wouldn’t be messy unlike flea control sprays and dips.
  • If you choose Frontline Plus over dips and sprays, your poodles will be able to swim to their heart if he is a water lover. Yes! This treatment is waterproof.
  • This long lasting treatment remains effective for a whole month and you would not need to apply any other treatment until next month, unlike dips and sprays which may need a second application in 2 weeks.
  • If you have a pregnant or lactating female, Frontline Plus is safe to apply to them. Although it is recommended to check with your vet before its application.
  • This quick treatment kills fleas and four types of ticks, lone star ticks, American dog ticks, brown ticks and Deer ticks. The use of this flea control will spare you from buying two different treatments for fleas and ticks.
  • The worries of flea re-infestation can be kept aside as Frontline Plus for dogs diminishes the juvenile stages of fleas along with the adult fleas.
  • Frontline Plus for Dogs can protect your pooch from the flea allergy dermatitis.
  • Because of its vast popularity, this treatment is easily available.

Where can you get cheaper Frontline Plus?

OTC prices of Frontline Plus can really affect your budget. If you want to save your precious bucks buy Frontline Plus online from the pet care stores. You just need to find a perfect online seller that slashes your expenses and makes pet care affordable.

Are there any side effects of Frontline Plus?

Usually there are no side effects of this treatment which is why it has remained in a constant demand and has gained wide popularity.  But, in case of after effects like itching on the applied spot, hair loss, etc. immediate vet consultation is recommended.

All in all, Frontline Plus for dogs has everything that any pet parent may need to free their pets from fleas and ticks. It is a long lasting, waterproof, effective and easy-to-use flea and tick control. Being widely known and appreciated for its effectiveness, this treatment can be easily available. You can buy cheaper Frontline Plus from online sellers to maintain your budget and gift a flea free summer to your furry friends!

10% Discount on Bestvetcare – Best Easter Gift For All Pet Parents

With Easter around the corner, all of us will be busy preparing for the celebrations. It’s the time when God was reborn and so the meryymaking time is at its peak. The family rejoices by praying, partying and being thankful. With the family comes our furry pals who make our life special with their unconditional and divine love. Their presence adds an extra touch to any festivity. To make Easter time more special, BestVetCare brings forth heavy discounts on all its pet care products.


The company slashes prices of all its products by a whopping 10%. This makes pet care affordable and enjoyable. Being a site wide sale, you will get everything that you see at flat 10% off. So, now your pet treatments become much more cheaper. You can stock up the treatments now as such falling prices are a rare occurrence. As its summer time, flea and tick treatments are in huge demand. And now is the chance to get them at least prices. Same holds true for wormers, eye and ear care products as well.

Pet parents can leverage this discount offers without any delays. Check the site and order pet care stuff and save big money. The Easter sale has many benefits for the pet parents. Some of the noteworthy things are:

Makes big savings: Yes! The first thing which comes to our mind while buying pet care products is the price tag. Pet treatments are becoming expensive with every passing day. This inflates the pet care budget of those who have a furry child at home. Getting a discount offer makes things easier. Now you can buy pet products at much reduced prices and make huge savings. Super saver packs would prove to be the much needed Easter gift for all pet parents.

Gives best products: BestVetCare offers authentic products from top brands. Every product on the site is purchased from aunthentic dealers from across the globe. So, you get nothing but the best for your pet. With the Easter sale, one has a chance to grab all these original products at least prices. Now with much reduced prices, you will get branded pet products at really cheap rates. This opens an avenue for choosing brands over generics. So, pay less for originality and get best for your pets.

Helps stock up things: It is a wise decision to stock up things when you get best products at least prices. You can plan out monthly, quaterly and yearly treatments now and order in bulk. Be it flea and tick treatments, heartwormers, gastrointestinal treatments or regular pet care products, all of them can be bought at 10% less than their actual price. Therefore, making a quaterly or yearly plan of pet’s treatments and other stuff will save big money. So, it’s the time to stock up your pet supplies.

Home delivery at no cost: Best Vet Care charges nothing for shipping its products. This is a brownie point as you may need to pay shipping costs when you buy from other sites. Here, you will get things delivered at your door step without a single penny. This again saves you money and gets you finest products without moving an inch from your home.

Healthy pets: To celebrate the spirit of Easter, you just wish good health and happy life for your family. Your furry family members will also get best of health through these treatments which you can purchase at much lower costs. So, this is a chance to being in things that add to the health of your pets. Order great products at super slashed prices and make way for absolute health of your furry friends.

To sum up, Easter sale will give pet parents a marvelous chance to save money on pet care. It will add to the celebration by cutting down a big chunk of your pet care budget. The company thus wants to add to your joy by making your pets healthy and happy!


Heartgard Plus For Dogs- Why Is It Necessary For A Better Heart?

“Whatever the dogs do, they do it whole heartedly. So, protect their hearts to keep these heartwarming souls always in your life.”

It is rightly said that the dogs pour their whole heart in whatever they do. May it be anything, their love, their licks, sullen face, or even a bark; you can see their crystal clear wholeheartedness in all the things. To have your heartwarming furry friends always in your life, it is very important to shield their hearts from worms. Heartworm larvae are transmitted by the infected mosquito. When this infected mosquito bites a dog, the heartworm larvae passes through the tissue into the mainstream. It takes them 45-47 days to reach the lungs, and once they do, they develop and start causing the damage.  To protect your fur balls from these worms, it is mandatory to start with an effective heartworm preventive.


Heatgard Plus for dogs is one of the most trusted and recommended heartwormers today. It is highly appreciated by the veterinary practitioners because of its effectiveness. The reason for its fondness is that apart from being a heartworm preventive, it also combats the hookworms and roundworms in canines. Being a real beef flavored chew, Heartgard Plus is very easy to administer to dogs. Your furry friend would love to have this tasteful chew as a treat. It has been tested safe for dogs and puppies older than 6 weeks of age. It is color coded for different weight ranges of canines. It is advisable to weigh your pup before buying this treatment. The one thing which is very important to understand before starting with this chew is that it is a preventive treatment. You need to get your poodle checked up for heartworms and it is recommended to start administering only if he is not infected with heartworms.

Let’s check all the details about Heartgard Plus!

How does Heartgard Plus for Dogs work?

This Merial product has Ivermectin and Pyrantel Pamoate as its active ingredients. Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic ingredient that prevents heartworms whereas Pyrantel Pamoate is the anthelmintic that prevents the development of roundworms and hookworms in dogs.

The studies have shown that herding breeds like Collies are allergic to Ivermectin, which is the key ingredient of this treatment. Such breeds are not safe to be treated with this preventive.

What are the benefits of this heartwormer?

  • Heartgard Plus for dogs is the most enticing chew. It has an original beef flavor that any pooch would think as a treat and would love to have.
  • Being an oral chew, it is easy to administer to canines and the canines would not fuss, unlike topical solutions.
  • This is a monthly treatment. It fights the possibilities of worm infection for an entire month.
  • Heartgard Plus is a tri-action formula. It can prevent your pooch from heartworms, roundworms and hookworms. If you choose this preventive, you may not need to get another preventive for intestinal parasites.
  • Being a heartwormer, this potential protector can save your darling pets from the fatal heart diseases caused by the heartworms.

What are the cautions?

Being cautious can decrease the risk factors. Like every other product, Heartgard Plus for dogs also has some aspects that are needed to be considered before its administration.

  • Heartgard Plus has Ivermectin as its active ingredient. Herding breeds like collies are not recommended to be treated with this preventive. It can be allergic to the herding breeds.
  • This chewable has to be chewed and not swallowed. If your canine has a habit of swallowing the tablet, it is recommended to crush it in his food.
  • It is advisable not to skip the treatment during the winter months. Continuous dosage throughout is recommended for effective results.
  • Heartgard Plus has no side effects if the doses are maintained as suggested by the vet. In case of overdose your poodle may cause tremors, dilated pupils, loss of body weight and death. So, follow the dosage guidelines to avoid any mishaps.

All in all, Heartgard Plus for Dogs is the most popular heartwormer. This oral chew is real beef flavored which makes it easy to administer to canines. It has the potential to protect your pooch from heartworms, roundworms and hookworms. If you want to prevent your pooch from all three parasites for a whole month, Heartgard Plus can work excellently for you.