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Best Vet Care Celebrates Cyber Monday- Prices Slashed By 15% On All Pet Supplies!

Best Vet Care has always tried to maintain the level of excellence in the quality of pet products as well as their prices. From a past few days we have been providing the pleasure of buying top brands of pet care products at discounts and it will be continued further with our net discount offer which Cyber Monday Sale!


Monday following the Thanksgiving Day is termed as Cyber Monday and on this day the online retailers show their love and gratitude to their customers by giving discounts. Best vet care has planned the same and is announcing a sale of 15% on all pet supplies.

Yes, you guessed it right! 15% discount is still being extended by Cyber Monday deal and you still have time to think about stocking on pet care products that you may need around the year. For all our valued customers, visit us and for the pet parents that are newbies, let’s talk something about Best Vet Care!

Best Vet Care- How are we the best?

We know it thoroughly that pet care costs can be huge and that pet owners are in a dire need of affordable options. We started off before a year with a single goal in our mind and that was to provide cheap, but trustable pet care options. And, we have definitely followed our goal since our start!

We are the best in pet care industry because:

  • We offer the best, expensive brands of pet supplies at much discounted rates.
  • We supply pioneer treatments for dogs, cats and birds. Our racks also have options for nutrition and vitamin supplements for your pawed companions.
  • BVC is a one stop shopping destination for pet owners as we are stocked on all the necessary pet supplies categorized as flea & tick, wormers, heart wormers, dental care, and much more.
  • We provide free shipping.
  • Our customer satisfaction guarantee includes safe buy and cash back guarantee which proves that nothing is more important to us than 100% customer satisfaction.

In all, Best Vet Care is indeed one of the best pet care stores with absolute love for pets in their heart. The season of sales is on which is something that is not to be missed. It is a perfect time to stock on your pet’s necessities with Cyber Monday sale. To avail the discount apply coupon code: BEST15M

Plan Your Shopping Spree @ Best Vet Care- Seal The Deal On Black Friday Sale!


Adam Kotsko, an American writer, religious scholar, and translator has some interesting statement on the most awaited shopping day of the USA and that is Black Friday. The statement is filled with wit and it goes like this:

“And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in the latest styles from Old Navy, and laid him in a shopping cart, because they were waiting in line to get into Walmart.”

~ Adam Kotsko

Although it may seem a little weird at first sight, but hasn’t he pointed correctly? Black Friday, the Friday that comes after Thanksgiving Day has been remarkably famous and all American citizens try to grab the deals on a shopping spree pre holidays.

This shopping mania also includes pet owners who look forward to save on pet supplies with Black Friday Deals. To give a perfect advantageous deal to the parents of canines and felines, Best Vet Care has decided to offer a big Discount of 15% on all pet care treatments available on the store.

Availing Black Friday discount will be very easy. You just need to use the coupon code: BEST15B while checking out. This coupon code will deduct 15% off your total bill and our store will deliver even the minimal order free of cost. The other saving opportunity at Best Vet Care is our free shipping policy. Unlike other stores, you don’t need to pay for shipping and you save there too!

Black Friday Discount is the perfect chance to shop for our popular categories of Flea & tick treatment, eye & ear care, heartwormers, joint care, teeth and wound care treatments. We also have trustable brands for birds along with canines and felines. Try out our supplements for canines and felines to give a healthy living at much lesser price.


Make this Thanksgiving Day Special for Your Pets with Our 15% Sale

Thanksgiving Day is also known as a Turkey Day. It is one of the most anticipated celebrations in USA since it is the beginning of the holiday season with the emergence of Christmas and New Year just around the corner. It is that time of the year when you want to celebrate, eat and enjoy in each other’s company. This also includes pets since they are an integral part of your family.


Remember, each and every pet has their own way of celebrating the occasion. They can lay in front of the fire in the family room or enjoy some snacks off their plate from beneath the table. This attribute of pets makes the occasion even more special.

Since there will be lots of visitors coming to your house during Thanksgiving Day it is important to ensure that your pet is safe and sound. Ensure that they do not eat anything consisting of grapes, onion, artificial sweeteners, raw yeast, bread dough, alcohol, avocado or macadamia nuts.

It is also very important to carefully scrutinize the dosage that is remaining for your pet if he is undergoing any treatment like flea and tick, wormers, wound care and heartwormers. Since the holiday season is approaching, keep the stock of important pet care products assessable with you at all times.

Keeping this abreast, BestVetCare has announced an additional 15% discount on all its pet care products.

What makes Thanksgiving Day Sale Enticing for You?

  • BestVetCare is renowned to provide a comprehensive range of pet supplies at discounted rates. Hence, if you are looking for a new product for your dog or cat, try it now at a much lesser rate than what other pet care store are selling.
  • You can avail 15% discount on all pet care supplies at Best Vet Care. So in the end you save a lot due to reduced price on all products.
  • The free shipping clause will be applicable even if you order a pet care product which is of very low price. Be assured that the product will be delivered at your doorstep and you will not have to spend a single penny on the delivery of the order.

In the end, BestVetCare wants to extend an invitation to all the pet owners to celebrate with the company Thanksgiving Day, by purchasing genuine and branded pet care products at the lowest possible rates and make the lives of your pet even more enriching. Utilize coupon code BEST15T when you search for your favorite pet care supplies on BestVetCare.


A Cool Trick To Teach Your Cats- How to High Five!

Unlike dogs, cats are considered to be moody and non-learning type of pet. There is always a mention of canines where there is a talk of execution of cool tricks like shaking hands with humans, switching on/off the lights, etc. However, this is a misconception that the same tricks cannot be taught to felines. Although these fur balls have their own rules, they will surely learn whatever you want them to.


So, do you want your feline to give you a high five whenever you are excited and there is no one to share it, except for your cat? Do you want to flaunt your cat’s cool skills in front of dog boasters and feel triumphant? If yes, follow the following steps to teach your kitty this cool trick of high five. You will need a clicker and lots of treats!

  • Choose a time when you kitty is ready to interact. Yes, they have the tendency to ignore! Sit with a handful of the pet’s favorite treats. Make sure there is no other distraction that could divide your cat’s attention.
  • Now, make your kitty sit. Use the clicker to reinforce the “sit” cue. Keep a treat on her head until she lands the butt on the ground. As she does this, click the clicker and treat her for following the “sit” cue.
  • Hold your hand slightly in front of her eyes. Do not forget to keep a treat in the hand. When she lifts her paw for the treat, use the “high-five” cue and shake your hand. Click and treat.
  • Lift, shake, click, treat, repeat! Repeat this religiously until you don’t need to try hard for executing this.
  • Try without the clicker and then cut the treats too. Conduct mini sessions regularly to not let the trick slip out of your feline’s mind. Make sure you do not over do. End on a high note and not when your kitty stops reacting out of boredom!

Doesn’t it sound easy? Try this trick as soon as possible and enjoy the games with her that you don’t with your human friends. A high-five is all you need to show your excitement!

Best Veterans Day Deal At Best Vet Care- Save 15% Extra On Any Order!

Veterans have always been an important part of America. We owe our freedom, success and sense of security to all the veterans who have fought in any war till the date. In all the wars that our country has been through, the role of service dogs has been an important one too.

In memory of the lost veterans, in respect of current veterans, and in honor of service dogs, Best Vet Care has organized a Veterans Day Sale for this entire week. You can fill your carts with the top selling products and your favorite brands of treatments for canines and felines at big discount of 15% for this whole week. Before you get baffled lets discuss some important things about Best Vet Care and the benefits of Veterans Day sale!


Best Vet Care- A brief look at it!

Best Vet Care has been providing pioneer pet supplies for almost a year now via the online store. We have been widely accepted by the pet owners and shelters that are in a dire need of affordable pet supplies. With discounted rates and free shipping policy, BVC has been able to win people’s hearts. Our other policies naming money-back guarantee and privacy policy has let us develop authentic bond with the customers.

You can easily bag peerless brands of pet treatments for flea & tick, heartworm & intestinal worm infestation, injuries, eye-ear problems, and dental issues at the cheapest rates from BVC. We provide the most sought after products for racing pigeons and other birds. Nutritional and vitamin supplements are highly recommended for a healthy living of furry friends. You can buy the best of these supplements from our big range.

Why Veterans Day Deal is considered to be the best one?

  • Best Vet Care sells the whole range of pet supplies at discounted rates. Hence you can always try a new product for your canine or feline in much lesser rates than imagined.
  • Caring for your furry friends becomes extremely affordable with Best Vet Care products. Veterans Day deal gives an extra discount of 15% and helps you save more on your purchase.
  • Despite of the lowest order value, you will be eligible for free shipping on BVC. You do not have to spend a single buck on the delivery of your order.

To conclude, Best Vet Care is extending an invitation to celebrate Veterans Day with us and make our efforts of giving benefits to service dogs and veterans owned dogs with our sale. Use coupon code: BEST15V while checking out.