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Celebrate Independence Day Fiesta With 12% Discount On All Pet Care Supplies

We celebrate Independence Day on the 4th of July every year to mark the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of Independence from Great Britain in 1776. This day is known for family celebrations with picnics and barbecues which gives lots of prominence to our tradition of political freedom. There are many public events, parades and shows along with firework displays that are organized to celebrate this fiesta.


But what about your pets? These furry pals consider this day as the day when they lose their homes and get lost. Yes, it has been researched and found that more pets are lost on July 4th than on any other day. So, to ensure their safety you need to follow these tips:

  • Ensure that their microchip registration is up to date and if you have not micro chipped them yet then do not procrastinate, do it today.
  • Have a current picture of the pet so that in case if he runs off you have his current photo to reclaim him back.
  • If you are going to spend Independence Day by frequently going in and out of your house ensure the safety of your pet by keeping him in a room along with his favorite toys.
  • During the fireworks, ensure that the pet is given indoor space with soft, gentle music that can cover the noise.
  • If it is not possible for you to remain with the pet during the fireworks ensure that he has his favorite toys at disposal which will assist in relieving his stress.
  • If you have a party planned ensure that all the guests know that human food and drink should not be given to your pet. But do ensure that he gets ample of fresh, cool water all the time.
  • Before the inception of the party, take your pet to the park so that he can be properly exercised which will make him tired and calm during the park.

Once you follow these tips your pet will thank you for making his day special. Also, never forget to miss on giving any dose that is a must for your furry pal. Remember, due to the federal holiday, it will be very difficult to get in touch with your veterinarian and so you need to have in stock requisite pet care supplies which can be used during any emergency.

But due to the celebrations you might be short on funds and would need a pet store that provides pet care supplies at a minimal price without compromising on the quality. One online store that can assist you fulfill this requirement is BestVetCare. The great news is that during the festive occasion of Independence Day BestVetCare is giving 12% Discount on all its pet care supplies.

What Makes BestVetCare Special?

BestVetCare has been one of the distinguished names in online pet stores since past few years. It has gained the trust of its customers by providing quality branded pet products at cost-effective rates. The store deals with products for dogs, cats, and birds distributed amongst different categories like: wound-care, eye & ear, flea & tick,wormers, joint care, teeth, and heartwormers. With a totally streamlined checkout process at the store, you will have a great time purchasing your favorite products.

Benefits Of Availing Independence Day Sale For Pet Owners

  • On top of the already curtailed prices, you can now get additional 12% discount which makes the purchase all the more enticing.
  • Branded pet products that you might have missed due to high prices can now be availed due to the independence day sale at a never-seen-before price.
  • Zero shipping charges.
  • A perfect opportunity for you to hoard the most requisite pet care supplies during the festivity which will not only save you $$ but also show that you care for your furry pal.

On Independence Day, shop for your favorite pet care supplies by using the Coupon Code “JUL4TH” and avail the special discount on the purchase.


Ways To Protect Your Dog From Summer Heat And Heat Stroke

The heat wave is just around the corner that could only mean that summer is going to arrive. It is the perfect time for you and your furry pal to enjoy the sunshine and the outdoors. But with the hot weather there comes additional risks and hazards for your pet.

Tips To Keep Dog Safe In The Heat

During the winter season gone by your doggy might have put on some weight, hence, it is very important to have a great exercise regimen which will make him healthy and fit again. Also ensure that he stays cool, hydrated and UV protected during the hot climate. Taking this into cue, we have prepared some tips that will assist you in neutralizing the effects of hot summer climate for your doggy:

Tips To Protect Doggy In Hot Summer

  • As a good rule of thumb, exercise your tyke for 30 minutes everyday. You can exercise him during the early part of the day when the climate is cooler.
  • Heatstroke is the prime problems faced by dogs during hot climates and so ensure that your pooch gets adequate water supply for quenching his thirst. Watch out for these heatstroke symptoms: severe panting, difficulty in breathing, failure to respond to commands, vomiting, salivating and diarrhea.
  • Wet a bandana and place it in the freezer to chill. Tie it around the neck of your doggy once it is completely frozen.
  • Hairs of the tyke should be trimmed and brushed regularly as it assists in keeping him cool and gets rid of loose fur that makes the heat worse. But always do proper research before trimming the hairs too short. You might presume that shaving the fur of your tyke is a great idea during summer, but remember, the layers of your dog’s fur also assists to protect his skin from harmful UV rays.
  • While playing outside with your doggy ensure that you have plenty of water at disposal. During breaks give adequate water to him and ensure that he gets to sit in the shady part, If you find that the day is too hot, then limit the exercise regimen for that particular day and keep him indoors.

pet safety tips during summer

  • Take him to water-friendly like a kiddie pool, a large sprinkler in the yard or your local dog beach. You can even play frisbee near water as it is considered to be a great summer activity. If your doggy is scared or nervous to go into the water never force him.
  • Wet your tyke before taking him for a walk as it will assist him to remain cool even during the walk.
  • For God’s sake, never ever leave your pooch alone in the car while doing errands. As during the warmer months, the car’s temperature can reach up to 120 degrees in a matter of time, even if the vehicle is in the shade. Dogs cannot perspire like humans, but use panting to dispel heat through the pads of their feet. Doggies that are left aloof in the hot car eventually suffer from heat exhaustion, brain damage, heat stroke and in worst case scenarios even death. To avoid it, keep him at home while you are on the road. If it is unavoidable then alert the management of the store where the car is parked so that if you do not get back in time they can call animal control promptly and rescue your furry pal.
  • Summer is that time of the year when people fertilize their lawns and work in their gardens. But these plant foods, fertilizers and insecticides can be very detrimental for the health of your doggy if ingested.
  • Summer is ideal time to take your tyke outside and so dog bite incidents are generally on a high during these months. But spaying and neutering your pet can go a long way in eradicating this behavior.

Consult with your veterinarian whether it is essential for your tyke to take heartworm prevention treatment. Also have flea and tick preventive treatments and dewormers with you all the time during summers.

So are you contemplating on following these tips given in this write-up? Please post your invaluable comments below and let us know your opinion.

Insights About Heartworm Disease…Top Questions Answered

Need To Know About Heartworm Disease,
Symptoms and Treatment

The threat of heartworm infection is always looming around in the minds of dog owners. It is natural to be apprehensive considering the dangerous effects of this disease on pooches. The sad part is that the treatment of this disease is not only costly, but also very painful for the tyke so the best thing that you can possibly do is to prevent this disease altogether.

Not many dog owners are aware of this deadly disease completely so for those dog owners, we have framed top questions and answers that will provide a crystal ball look at this dangerous disease:

About Heartworm Disease, Symptoms and Treatment

What Is Heartworm Disease?

Heartworm disease is also known as dirofilariasis which is a very deadly disease caused by foot-long worms that reside in the heart, lungs and connected blood vessels of the affected dog. Hence, it is popularly called heartworms. This disease causes permanent damage to the heart, arteries and lungs of the dog. It can even affect the dog’s health long after the heartworms have departed.

How Is Heartworm Disease Transmitted?

It is all due to mosquitoes. Adult female heartworms reside in an infected dog and produce microscopic baby worms called microfilaria that travel in the bloodstream. Whenever a mosquito bites the infected dog and sucks his blood it picks up these baby worms. Then when the infected mosquito bites another dog the infected larvae gets deposited on the surface of the animal’s skin ad enter the new host through the bite wounds. The worst part is that the heartworms can reside inside their host for 5-7 years which means that with every passing season the chances of getting infected by heartworm increases in dogs.

What Are The Signs & Symptoms Of Heartworm Disease?

During the early stages of the disease, there are very few to no apparent symptoms in the infected dog. But the longer the infection persists the more pronounced the symptoms become. There are four major types of categories according to which the symptom severity of the disease can be gauged:

Class 1: No clinical symptoms except for mild cough

Class 2: Coughing, fatigue and weight loss may occur, but there is still no sign of heart failure

Class 3: Incessant tiredness and coughing, trouble in breathing, liver problems along with the occurrence of congestive heart failure

Class 4: On top of the symptoms enumerated in Class 1, 2 & 3 dogs may also experience liver failure, low blood pressure, shock and death.

How Can Heartworm Disease Be Prevented?

Heartworm prevention is very easy, cost-effective and extremely safe for dogs. The great news is that the annual cost of preventing heartworm is roughly 1/5th the cost of treating it. There are lots of heartworm preventative treatments available in the market that are even effective against other intestinal parasites like  Advantage Multi (Advocate), Nuheart, Revolution and Sentinel Spectrum. It is recommended to show a  prescription from your veterinarian for procuring these treatments.

How Is Heartworm Disease Treated?

Treating heartworms can be easy or difficult depending on the severity of the infection. If the infection is mild, then a series of injections can kill the heartworms inside the dog’s body. But if it is a severe infection, then surgery may be the only resort to get rid of the worms. Conduct heartworm test first of all and if the results are positive contact your veterinarian immediately to start the diagnosis. Even after the disease has completely healed ensure that your pooch gets regular exercise because due to heartworm infection, there is permanent damage to the heart and lungs of the doggy and so the more severe the symptoms, the less active your doggy will be.

Were you aware of these things about heartworm disease earlier? Please let us know your views about heartworm disease by posting it in the comments section and keep reading our blogs!!

Heartworm Treatment For Dogs

Are You Aware Of These Engrossing Small Dog Breed Facts?

Small dogs are great for dog owners as they not only need less space but they are also swift and more active than the large breed. It is a personal choice for a dog owner when he/she selects a dog breed. If you live in a small apartment then having a small dog is a boon because he will not only require less space but also learn things quickly. The other thing is that small dogs can be controlled easily if the situation gets out of control. Although these are the benefits of owning a small dog there are certain engrossing facts about these tykes that will not only engross you further but will also assist you in learning more about your small dogs:

Fun Facts About Small Dog Breeds

What Are Some Small Dog Breed Facts?


These small dogs have an average weight of approximately 2kg. Due to this ultra light weight it becomes very easy for the dog owners to carry them around easily. The fantastic thing about these dogs is that they live up to 12 to 16 years if their dietary needs and care is taken into consideration. The great thing is that they occupy less space so if you live in an apartment setting or love to roam around with the doggie then Chihuahua is the best dog for you.

Cavalier King Charles

This dog breed is extremely affectionate and playful. Are you aware that these dogs descended from hunters as they love to exercise. But they are not ideal for apartment setting because they need space to run preferably a back garden. They also need to be walked on a regular basis so ensure that they are properly leashed while walking as they are notoriously renowned for running off after seeing a squirrel or a car!! A healthy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel can live for 14 years. But these dogs are not short of health problems. Some of them include:

  • Mitral Valve disease
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Ear infections

Yorkshire Terrier Dogs

These dogs are quite smart by nature and have lot of energy. Due to their extremely curious nature they are prone to different health problems like:

  • Joint issues
  • Hip problems
  • Poor digestion
  • Tooth decay
  • Bone fractures

These dogs live for a maximum of 15 years as long as you take proper care of them. They get hurt quite easily so it is important that you take extra precaution while holding or moving them. Do not forget to feed them solid food!!


These dogs were originally bred as a hunting dog as they are brave, self-confident and also quite obstinate.  All in all these dogs are family and child friendly needing lot of exercise. They live up to 15 years.


These dogs are highly affectionate and quiet by nature. Hence, they are ideal companions for old people who have lot of idle time.  He is very playful but the one loophole of these dogs is that it is very tedious task to care for his long, soft white fur.

We know that you love your small dog and so we have tried to integrate some interesting facts that will assist you get up close with your furry friend. Also ensure that you are taking good care of your doggie by getting regular dog supplies.