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Get Up Close With Heartworm Disease in Dogs & Cats

Facts To Know About Heartworm Disease in Dogs and Cats Heartworm disease is a life-threatening illness that affects both dogs and cats. It is caused by worms that remain active in the right side of the heart and other neighboring blood vessels. It needs to be noted that the adult worms can grow up to… Read More »

5 Great Ways To Keep Your Dog Warm During Winters

It is getting chilly outside and the days are getting shorter. Our dogs are also feeling the cold so this is your chance to keep them cozy and warm during the winter months. But it is important to understand that not all dogs need the warmth. There are certain dogs that can adjust accordingly in… Read More »

5 Simple Ways To Relieve Dog From Ear Problems

The dog’s ears are the most fascinating things in their anatomy. They are attuned to everything around them. These ears can also harbor bacteria and other organisms that can be painful and aggravating. Some of the prominent signs of ear problems in dogs include: Smelly odor Trapped moisture resulting in yeast colonies Wax build-up Dirt… Read More »

Top 5 Of The Most Dog-Friendly Cities in USA, America

Dogs are one of the most loved pets in America. One of the major reasons for that is with approximately 70 million homes in the country you will find a dog in almost every city of USA, America. But there are certain places that are more dog-friendly than others. Let us now look at some… Read More »

4 Games That Cats Would Love To Play During Road Trips

This extended holiday season is your perfect chance to take your kitty on a long road trip. Although these road trips can be a total blast they can also be pretty long. Hence, you would need to look for some entertainment  to pass your time. It has mostly been found that games are the best… Read More »