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Eye Problems And Care – Cataract in Canine

You all must be aware of the fact that the dog’s best sense organs are ears and nose. However, not denying the fact, eyes also plays a vital role obviously in their life. Eyes are the backbone of their senses all together. They listen at high ranges of sound than humans but to follow those… Read More »

Limping in Dogs – A Serious Concern That Needs Attention

Limping in dogs is a known and commonly observed phenomenon. Many times, you must have observed that your dog might fall off while playing or hit something on his legs. This slows down his movement and he begins to limp. The difficulty the dogs face in walking with damaged legs is far worse than we… Read More »

A Guide To Potential Threat : Heartworms In Dogs

Heartworms are a common but a danger to the dog’s health. They are the worst kind of parasites that attack on the dog’s body but are totally preventable. Heartworms infections are spread by mosquitoes. Heartworms house in the bloodstream of dog’s heart and blood vessels. They can grow up 10-12 inches in length and can… Read More »