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National Cat Day: 5 Sportsmen who love cats as much as you do.

It is certainly quite common to witness sportsmen share images on social media with their arms wrapped tightly around their beloved canines. One of the best footballers in the world, Lionel Messi regularly shares images of his beautiful Mastiff dog Hulk who is quite massive in size along with videos of the two playing football together. Manchester United forward Alexis Sanchez is himself a massive dog-lover with his social media presence confirming that to the hilt.

Sanchez regularly posts images of his golden retrievers, Humber and Atom with whom he regularly goes out on walks, going on to feature in an advertisement with them as well. Sanchez said: ‘There is a beautiful legend that tells us that animals are voluntary souls, without the gift of words, who have come to show man the value of his actions, of solidarity, of acceptance, of freedom and the value of teamwork…. and the more important the love’. Mesut Ozil, Hector Bellerin, Harry Kane, Chris Smalling, James Rodriguez, Marcelo, Memphis Depay, Andy Carroll, Neymar, Tom Brady, Serena Williams, Klay Thompson, Russell Wilson are further examples of sportsmen who have confessed to being dog aficionados.

One may be mistaken into believing that dogs enjoy the bulk of the attention but the assumption could be nothing further from the truth. There are several immensely popular sportsmen who have proudly indicated their intense love for cats encouraging each and every cat lover to adopt abandoned pussies rather than purchasing them. Not only this, they have also taken concrete steps towards ensuring that there are stronger laws and policies in store for safeguarding the rights of your beloved pet cats.

The National Cat day is a celebration recognized every year on October 29th which seeks to celebrate the presence of your beautiful four-legged companions who provide all the love and affection humans desire without demanding much in return. It is time to take a deep look at some of the most popular sportsmen who share an irresistible relationship with their beloved cats as a tribute to the occasion of National Cat day:

Nyjer Morgan

The American professional baseball player who represents the Milwaukee Brewers found the love of his life by accident. Morgan initially wanted a dog but decided to adopt a cat from a nearby shelter instead because they are more independent in nature. He was however not prepared for his cat nicknamed Willy stealing his heart converting him from an alpha male into a cat man. The sportsman has been extremely active in animal advocacy activities along with PETA campaigns promoting adoption rather than the purchase of cats from shelters. Their bond is certainly a beautiful one.

Matt Wieters

Wieters, an American professional gave the world a glimpse into the beautiful relationship he shares with his cat Omaha when the duo starred in a joint campaign organized against animal abuse. The cute, cuddly cat is the darling of the family and enjoys special attention from the sportsman himself.

Russ Smith


 The popular basketball player enjoys the presence of two of the most beautiful and fluffy cats ever in the form of Dr. Quackers and Miss Meow, who have been described as elegant and beautiful by one and all. Smith loves them with all his heart as evident from the constant photos uploaded on his personal Instagram account in the company of both the charming felines.

Alex Galchenyuk

The American ice hockey star certainly enjoys the presence of an enchanting cat named Diego which has earned him a lot of love and attention from local fans. Galchenyuk certainly adores his small, furry companion as evident from the social media uploads in the company of the other.

Sportsmen are not immune to the charm of cats despite all their physical prowess as evident. It is time to recognize their beauty and adopt a cat from the nearest shelter as soon as possible.

Cats: 10 Ways they are Referred to in Different Countries

Cat lovers across the world usually experience a major shock when cats do not respond back to their calls during a vacation in a foreign country.

The “Global Cat Day” is an event organized annually on October 16th with an objective of understanding our four-legged companions and protecting their rights as much as possible. However, do you really understand your furry munchkins as much as you believe? The reality may be quite different in comparison to your perception.

Cat lovers across the world usually experience a major shock when cats do not respond back to their calls during a vacation in a foreign country. They are habituated to referring to cats in a certain manner and believe that the same method is applied universally as well. However, to the surprise of many pet lovers, cats respond in different ways to unique noises, expressions.  With the global cat day all set to arrive, let’s take a look at the distinct ways in which cats are beckoned to in different countries:

  • The Netherlands: Poes-Poes-Poes: Cats in the Netherlands refuse to answer unless you attempt to call them by saying Poes-Poes-Poes.
  • England: Chh-Chh-Chh: English cats are themselves quite an obstinate bunch. One is expected to sweetly call them saying Chh-Chh-Chh to expect any response.
  • Tunisia: Besh-Besh-Besh: It may seem funny to native English language speakers but cat lovers in Tunisia attempt to attract our furry munchkins by calling out Besh-Besh-Besh.
  • China: Miao-Miao-Miao: Quite similar to the style of reference in India i.e. Meow-Meow which is nothing but natural considering the influence shared between the countries.
  • France: Minou-Minou-Minou: One can have a lot of fun with cats in France by calling out to them saying “Minou-Minou-Minou”.    
  • Germany: Miez-Miez-Miez: Cats in Germany are quite proud and refuse to pay you any heed unless you use the golden words: “Miez-Miez-Miez” to call out to them.
  • Russia: Kis-Kis-Kis: It certainly sounds similar to what any cat lover wishes to do in the company of their cats i.e. kiss away till they tug at your dress in order to get you to stop.     
  • Turkey: Pissy-Pissy-Pissy: Cat parents in Turkey usually attempt to get close to cats and attract their attention towards them by saying “Pissy-Pissy-Pissy”.  
  • India: Meow-Meow: Children in India love playing around and calling cats towards them by saying “Meow-Meow”. Our furry companions are attracted towards them as the words are quite similar to the style in which cats usually express themselves.  
  • Australia: Puss-Puss-Puss: Cats are referred to as Pussy Cats all-around the world and this style of reference certainly seems quite realistic and understandable.  

It is quite interesting to take a look at the various manners in which cats are referred to in different countries and can help cat lovers understand their furry companions better. However, what needs to take into account is the fact that the different styles of expression differ simply on the basis of linguistic and cultural variations.