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Ways to say ‘I Love You’ in Dog Language!

Dog langauge

Dog language

Dogs are the most adorable and well-mannered pets you can foster. They have proven their inherent qualities like loyalty, companionship, loving and caring nature time and again. One of the best qualities dogs have is to express their emotion not with the words but with the gestures. They are a great time attention seekers and also love to express their feelings towards you. But, they definitely crave the same love from your side as well.

So, here are the different ways you can express your love to your Fido in the language they comprehend.

1. Make eye contact

Eyes play an important role in forming a special bond with your dog. It is a powerful medium of conveying a message. Dogs communicate and understand through eyes. Deep eye contact with your dog results into release in a love hormone. Also called “Oxytocin” that makes you and your pup’s bond strong. You can also gaze softly into your tail-wagging friend’s eye and smile, to express how much you love him. Dogs can understand this emotion by seeing your happy face.

2. Get in touch

Yes, you read it right! Dogs do love to receive affection from their owner. If you reciprocate the love they express to you, it will help you in winning your furry pal’s heart. The most sensitive and adorable feeling is touch. So, when your furry pal snuggles up to you, it means he trusts you. Dogs like to stay close to the person they love which is evident in many ways like. while walking they walk close to you or even if they have a separate bed they prefer to snuggle up to you. In order to revert to the same feelings for your dog, try to lean beside your pup and gently gaze in his eyes. This will help them enjoy the moment and in turn, will help you to build a strong bond with your furry.

3. Reward with a treat

The stomach is a root to heart. This saying applies to animals too. You should always feed your pal with a hand. The reason behind is, It has been proven to be the most effective way to come close to your doggy. At times, your dog must be hungry and feeding them at the right time will help you to be his best friend. You should always pay attention to your dog’s hunger as feeding him healthy food will keep him active and also attached to you. You should always play with your dog or give him obedience training with his favorite food as a reward on completion of the task. This way he will inculcate the habit of obeying and will also understand how his owner is expressing love to him.

4. Feed the needy

Just like humans, dogs too have various needs that should be fulfilled on time. They come to your home as a pet but slowly become more than a family member. And, the way you fulfill the needs of your family members it’s your responsibility as a pet parent to look after your pup’s requirements as well. By fulfilling your pal’s need, you can express your love towards him. Dogs also like to play with toys and there are different toys in the market that can engage them in physical exercise. Apart from that, keeping a soft toy by his side will also prevent him from feeling lonely and he will also feel safe.

Sometimes all your efforts are still not working to provoke your dog to be more friendly and socialize towards you or anyone else. So, this might lead to some serious health issue in your pal if you facing the same problem read this blog.

Dogs also appreciate when their owners share quality time with them. So, go for a walk or play with your dog to make him feel loved and cared. Groom them regularly, take care of their health, pay regular vet visits to ensure they stay healthy, nurture them just as you would nurture your own kid. Because, no matter they understand our language or not, but they definitely understand the language of love.

Natural Miracle cure for dog cancer? – No. 6 will Shock you.

List of Foods That Prevent and Fight against Cancer

Food that fight against Cancer
Foods That Prevent and Fight against Cancer

The major cause of death in dogs is cancer. This life-threatening disease can attack dogs of any breed or age. There are treatments available for cancer, but it may not eliminate the cancerous cells from the root. In this case, the pet owner can only ensure that his dog has the best time of his life after his treatment.  

After years of research, specialists have come to the conclusion that the key to preventing cancer in dogs is proper diet. Instead of going for conventional methods and treatments, altering dog’s diet is preferred. Diet alone won’t cure cancer, but it can sustain overall health of the dog.

Keep on reading to find out what you should include in your dog’s diet to protect him from cancer.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous Vegetables

Adding fresh vegetables to the diet is recommended as they are nutrient-rich. Cruciferous vegetables are very beneficial for cancer patients. Cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and other such vegetables lower the risk of cancer in dogs because of their anti-inflammatory property.



Only one garlic clove has proven to be very beneficial for dog’s health. Allyl sulfur present in garlic contains antibacterial properties that halt the growth of cancerous cell. Anyone who consumes garlic on a regular basis is at a low risk of cancer.

Organic Diet

Organic Diet

The best you can do for your furry pal is provide him organic food. Your pooch doesn’t need extra pesticides or fertilizers in his system. Organic food is very essential in maintaining overall well-being of your dog.



Blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, which prevents tumor formation. It contains antioxidant component named ellagic acid that stops the metabolic pathways which can cause cancer. Your dog will also appreciate change in his diet and will happily eat this delicious treat! 

Fish Oil

Fish Oil

Fish oil is a great source of omega 3. The fatty acids present in fish oil reduce inflammation and can also shrink down tumors. Fish oil can slow down the process of cancer growth. People also add fish oil to dog’s diet to keep their skin in good health and maintain fur shine.



Turmeric is not a proper food, but its antioxidant properties prevent cancer. It is also capable of killing cancer cells, so you can only imagine how powerful its effect is. Curcumin present in turmeric has an ability to reduce tumors, kill cancer cells, and prevent it from spreading.

Along with including these food items in your dog’s diet, also remember to limit the carbohydrate intake while feeding your dog. When the dog has cancer, he will start losing weight. As a result, the pet owner will increase his diet thinking the dog’s not getting enough food. Never do that. Cancer cells feed on carbohydrates. The additional carbohydrates your dog ingest while suffering from cancer, it will deteriorate his health.

Cancer cells grow rapidly; therefore they require glucose which is present in sugar. We don’t recommend sugar free diet because even body needs sugar & carbs to sustain, but avoid giving food that has high proportion of carbohydrates on regular basis.

We advise you to consult your vet before you make any changes, as they know your dog’s medical condition. These small changes in your dog’s diet will promote his the overall health and reduce the risk of cancer.

7 Ideas To Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week With Your Furry

Don’t you think our pets deserve appreciation for being a supportive part of our lives? Their mere presence releases our stress and we couldn’t agree more that the selfless companionship and abundant love that they shower on us every day deserves accolades. It was this realization that initiated the idea of observing Pet Appreciation week back in 1981, to celebrate the presence of these furry bundles in our lives. Ever since then, it has been observed for 7 days starting the first Sunday in June as a Pet Appreciation Week every year. It is to ensure every pet owner takes out time from their busy schedule to make their pet feel special and loved.  So, here are a few ways you can express your gratitude towards your pet. In fact, you can actually plan your whole week with these 7 activities with your dog.

How to Celebrate Pet Appreciation Week

Take Your Pet Out For a Picnic


Dogs love to go out and explore their surroundings. They find it rejuvenating and picnics in a dog park also help him to connect with his pack as well as to nature where he truly belongs. It is also one of the best ways to prevent boredom in dogs and a great way to let him satiate his instinctual habits. So, if you haven’t been out with him for a while now, it is the best time you can plan a visit to a park or to a beach for that matter. But, make sure your pet wears sunscreen before he heads out in the sun.

Buy Treats for Him

Which pet doesn’t feel exuberant after getting treats of his favorite flavor? We can vouch for it! Just buy the treats your pet loves to eat and he would feel be the happiest and luckiest dog ever. Nothing can make a pet feel more loved than having his favorite food and treat.

Give a Good Salon Session


A salon session can transform your pet’s look completely, making him look suave and super cool with all that manicure and pedicure. You can also get him a great haircut or a good massage and let him chill like a king while people work like his helpers to take care of his needs.  What can be the best way to show your love than this? So, in case you haven’t planned anything yet and not sure what you should do exactly; go for it!

Play His Favourite Game


Fetch is generally the most adored game by pets so you can spend one evening playing fetch with your dog. Other games like hide and seek or catch the ball are also the favorites amongst pets, so no matter which one you opt for, it would be perfect for your furry kid. Since these games provide good exercise to the pet’s body and mind, they are highly beneficial for the pet’s overall health as well and hence must be encouraged in their daily routine. Not just in the Appreciation week.

Groom Him Yourself

Grooming your pet yourself facilitates a physical connection that you have with your pet. It helps you spend time with your dog or cat and in turn, also makes him clean and fresh. You can use a good shampoo for bathing your pet so he feels smooth and more huggable for a good cuddle session later on. Learn how to groom your dog at home.

Cook a Meal He Loves


Chicken broth or any other meal that you make at home is highly appreciated by your pets because no one knows the taste your pet appreciates better than you. Moreover, cooking a meal for your dog from natural and fresh ingredients is also a nice way to inculcate healthy eating habits in your pet. Furthermore, home cooked meals also help your pet to stay in shape. Besides all other reasons, a flavourful meal is definitely a sure way to win your pet’s heart instantly.

Purchase a Pet Gadget for His Comfort

You must have observed when you take your dog out for a walk or an outing, they probably get irritated by the insects and fleas that keep humming around them. So why not relieve them from this annoyance when we already have the gadget to remove those critters. Yes, you can buy a good collar like Seresto, which will help your dog to stay happy and undisturbed while you walk him down the lane.


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Also, check out 2019’s trendiest and coolest dog gadgets for tech-savvy parents.

Well, all these special treatments for Pet Appreciation week will definitely bring a lot of appreciation and liking for you in your pets, but we suggest expressing love to your pet must not be restricted to this week. Taking care of your pet and looking after his needs is something which every pet owner must put in their priority list. It is then that they would be a dedicated parent to their furry kid. And just like our kids covet our attention and cuddles, pets also desire the same kind of affection from us. So, try getting involved with your pet as much as you would with your kid and make every week an appreciation week in their lives than just this one.