Dogs Summer Essentials for the Year 2021

By | June 14, 2021

Dogs Summer EssentialsWith longer days and shorter nights, summer is all in blaze and it’s time for us to enjoy. Especially camping with our pets is a blast. Feeling the warm environment, breathing in fresh air, venturing in the woods are all the wonderful things we like to do with our furry companions after a long dark winter.

However, summer also equals to hot temperatures.

Apart from enjoying summer fun time with your dog, it is important for you to safeguard your pet health when the temperature rises high. There are some important summer essentials to consider for your dog, in order to spend a great summer. 

Cool Coats for Dogs

Cooling coat is the number one summer essential for your dog making him stay cool into the hot weather. Due to sun, you cannot avoid daily dog walk, as it is essential for their health. The best solution is cool coat that protect your dog from heating up.

Dog Mats and Crates

Radiating sun can turn the surroundings and even your house too hot making it uncomfortable for your dog. Dog mats are best that offer them soothing zone to relax and stay cool. Moreover, if you are outdoors, dog crates with fans can protect your dog or pup from the direct sunlight and make them feel at home. Dog mats and crates are both useful outdoors and indoors.

Water Pool

Burning sun can be hard on your pet. Taking him to water pool or allowing him to have some water splashes can dramatically cools him down and provide relief from intense heat. If you are taking your dog for boating or swimming in wild or unknown waters, then fit him with doggy life jacket to avoid unwanted circumstances. However, don’t allow him to be in water for long as they can fall sick.

Dog Leashes, Collar and Harnesses

What’s better than a road trip or visit to a new place in the summer. When going in the car take care to keep him safe with the help of dog harshness. This keeps him on the seat without sliding away. Additionally, don’t forget to keep him on a leash with a collar so that he doesn’t runs anywhere. This will avoid accidents or unnecessary tension for you.

Water, Food and Treats

Summer is the high time when your pet requires maximum water. The heat usually dehydrates and your dog loses maximum water. To overcome this provide maximum water as and when require. Remember to provide cool water as it is very hot outside.

High temperatures cause sickness in pets. Keeping your dog on healthy food and supplements avoid unwanted visit to a vet. Additionally, with the help of treats, you can make them stay indoors shunning heat waves.

Dog Grooming

At the end of day, you want to take your pet inside following grooming session, which is very much essential. Compared to winters, in summer your dog stays outside most engaging in plays embellishing with dust, mud and water. When comes from outside, clean his paws and coat properly to avoid germs in the house. Clean your pet with special grooming wipes available in the pet care supplies store to wipe away dirt. These are highly helpful between baths to avoid bad odor, skin irritation and germs breeding on the skin.