Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum: Which one is better?

By | March 7, 2019
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Very few products do the arduous task of preventing dogs from fleas, ticks, heartworm, and gastrointestinal worms. Two such products that excel in the just mentioned conditions are Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum. While they are both exceptional in doing what they do, it is obvious pet parents will go for one. It could be difficult to pick one but fret not; our comparison below should assist you in simplifying your choice.

Sentinel or Sentinel Spectrum

To compare the two products, we must first understand what these products are all about.

1. Sentinel – These beef-flavored oral preventative tablets protects dogs from heartworm, fleas, ticks, adult hookworms, adult roundworms, whipworms and various other internal and external parasites for one whole month.


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2. Sentinel Spectrum – This bacon and beef flavored chewable provide a broad spectrum of thorough protection from heartworm, adult roundworms, adult tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, fleas (both egg and larval stage), ticks and other parasitic creatures.

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The below-drawn table will aid in clearing your doubts regarding Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum.
Subject Sentinel Sentinel Spectrum
Preventative Type Tablets Chews
Administration Orally Orally
Heartworm Prevents heartworm Prevents heartworm
Fleas Prohibits larval growth and thus aids in preventing fleas from multiplying Controls fleas in both the egg and larval stages. Prevents flea infestation too
Ticks Effectively prevents ticks Prevents ticks
Hookworms Protects dogs from adult hookworms Treats and controls hookworms
Roundworms Prevents adult roundworms (toxocara canis & toxascaris leonina) Provides treatment and effectively controls adult roundworms
Tapeworms Not effective against tapeworms Effective in controlling adult tapeworms
Whipworms Forbids whipworms (trichuris vulpis) from entering the body Prevents and controls whipworms effectively
Taste Beef flavored Beef and bacon flavored
Safety Safe for puppies (above six weeks), pregnant and lactating dogs Not yet been evaluated as safe for pregnant and lactating dogs
Suitability Suitable for dogs above 6 weeks old Only for dogs above 6 weeks and/or above 2lbs
Dosage Monthly treatment Monthly treatment
Active Ingredients Milbemycin Oxime and/or Lufenuron Milbemycin Oxime, Lufenuron and Praziquantel
Manufacturer Novartis Novartis
Side Effects Side effects are rare but in some cases dogs may exhibit the following:


Appetite loss





Hyper salivation





The following side effected have been brought to notice:




Body Weakness







Skin Congestion



Additional Information According to the weight and color of the pack should you select the product:


Brown pack – 2-10lbs

Green pack – 11-25lbs

Yellow pack – 26-50lbs

Grey pack – 51-100lbs


One chewable should be given but remember to select the right pack based on the weight of your dog:


Orange box – 2-8lbs

Green box – 8.1-25lbs

Yellow box – 25.1-50lbs

Blue box – 50.1-100lbs


Note: Over 100lbs dogs should be given an appropriate combination.


So which one is better – Sentinel or Sentinel Spectrum?

As you can see by the table above, there’s hardly much that separates the two products. Hence, it is important to know the symptoms first (and later, the issue your pet is facing) and based on that should you select the ideal treatment method.

Also, if you’re having trouble picking one, there’s always the option of contacting your local vet. Do not hesitate to call your vet if you’re having second thoughts about something because where health is concerned, it’s imperative to be safe and sure rather than sorry.

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