What You Can Do About Evolving Fleas?

By | December 22, 2018
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Fleas that used to get eradicated easily using Frontline or Advantage are now gradually becoming immune to these products. Some of them have even developed resistance to the standard treatments used for flea elimination. However, the number of such fleas is still less. The main reason behind recurrences is rather the presence of fleas that lurk in the environment. These fleas require moist and shady places to hide and thus they wait in the suitable spots for the correct time to latch on the pet. If stats are to be believed, only 5 percent of the fleas live on pets, rest of them like – Flea eggs and larvae lurk in the environment. So, the most important step to eliminate fleas completely from your life is to first eradicate them from your pet and then remove them from the surroundings. Follow these guidelines to get rid-off fleas forever.

Change The Product To Stronger Ones  

If you have been using Frontline or Advantage for a quite a while now, change them right away. Though Frontline and Advantage still work perfectly for maximum pets, there is a percentage of animals for whom these products don’t work that efficiently because fleas have developed resistance against these treatments due to their prolonged usage. If that is the case with your pet, it is better that you switch to stronger products like Bravecto, Simparica or Nexgard that are new for fleas and have proven their efficacy against heavy infestations by fleas and ticks.

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Vacuum Your House Regularly

Since maximum fleas( flea eggs and larvae)  dwell in your house than on your pet, you must vacuum your space weekly. These nasty parasites huddle in the corners of your furniture, on the pet’s bedding, couch or carpets hence it is really necessary to thoroughly dig into these corners with your vacuum pump. Make sure you dispose the vacuum bag away from your vicinity.

Wash Used Things

Pet’s bed can be the breeding ground for fleas and thus you must wash it almost every third to the fifth day to eliminate flea dirt. Other than that, your own clothing and bedsheet must be regularly washed because you continuously come in contact with the infested pet.

Make Use Of Sprays

Flea spray comes in two forms – one for the use on pets and the other one for the household purpose. It is beneficial to spray your dog with the pet flea spray every time he visits outdoors to avoid picking up an infestation from the foreign area and bringing it to your house. Also, spray your household to kill the eggs and larvae that could have fallen from your pet’s body. Regular use of this product can be very beneficial in keeping the infestation at bay.

Even though a few percentages of fleas have developed resistance against the most renowned products in the market, it is ultimately our own actions that are responsible for the prevalence or elimination of fleas. It is only through continuous efforts to keep our surroundings clean and using the right products to treat our pets that we can combat even the heaviest infestation in our pets and households. Therefore, keep yourself updated about the changes in the flea world and what ways you can explore or follow to prevent the infestation in the first place.

Well, a quick advice – use the flea preventatives year round. It will eliminate even the minutest possibility of your pet catching fleas.  Don’t forget to stay alert about flea news around the world.

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