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Role of Omega-3 and Omega-6 Fatty Acids in Dog’s Health

Role of Fatty Acids in Dogs Health

If you are a pet parent, who is concerned about providing proper nutrition to your pet then this one is for you. Dog nutrition consists of vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, proteins etc. All these things help in building up the pet’s body. Talking about fatty acids, there are nearly 70 fatty acids required for a pet’s body functioning. These provide a concentrated source of energy to the canine and play a pivotal role in immune system, neurological development, skin formation and overall health. Continue reading

Helpful Tips for Road Trip with your Dog

Road Trip with your Dog

Your furry pal loves to go with you on a car drive. Just on the mention of those two words – “car drive”, your pooch starts wagging tail enthusiastically, waiting to go. So, just plan a wonderful and memorable dog road trip with a family.

Before setting on a trip, there are certain things, which can help in for your smooth journey. Just pick one by one and find how comfortable you can make the road trip for your lovable companion. Continue reading

Yoga for Dogs – The Best Way to Keep You and Your Pet Healthy

Yoga for DogsHave you heard about Doga – yoga for dogs? Well if not then it is high time as this practice of keeping pets healthy has been existing for more than ten years. It is the result of innovative minds of few yoga practitioners, who have brought forth this fascinating yet effective body mind therapy for canines. In fact, Doga is an amusing practice that involves pet parents to do yoga with their pets. This helps both of them by uplifting their spirits and toning their bodies.

What is all the fuss about Yoga for dogs?

Well, there is certainly a lot of curiosity about this ‘dog time’ activity. But, it holds good grounds with pet parents who have taken Doga classes. They give rave reviews about how doing Yoga with their pet has improved their health as well as coordination with the pet. The general perception is that the classes have benefitted both and are worth spending the bucks. People also feel that in a busy country like USA, this practice helps one spend great time with the pet.

How Doga originated?

All those who practice Yoga must know that most of the postures have been taken from animals. Be it the inverted dogs pose, the cobra pose, or the camel pose, humans have been inspired from animals in a big way. Doga is the role reversal. Now canines will be practicing the stretches and body balancing. The riveting thing is that it is super effective in creating a harmony between the body and mind of the practitioner. Yes! Just as Yoga is super effective for humans, Doga is emphatic for dogs.

Doga is highly effective for all age groups of pets. Be it a cuddling puppy or a protective adult dog, Doga benefits one and all. It adds flexibility to an arthritic pet’s body by making the stiff muscles smooth and healthy. It also creates a sound and harmonious state of mind by relieving extra stress from the pet’s system. By keeping the pet active, Doga transforms the pet’s aggression into more creative stuff. The stretching practices help fluffy pets to lose few inches and tone down their bodies.

Apart from running, swimming and jumping, Doga, a super mix of stretches and relaxation is a novel method of recreation for the pet. It also elevates the pet’s general health and wellbeing. Studies have suggested that canines going for Doga classes are far more spontaneous than other pets. They develop a tranquil spirit, which makes them truly adorable. So, it is not just fascinating activity but a completely healing time for the pets.

Benefits of Doga for dogs:

  • Supple, flexible joints
  • Stress free mind
  • Absolute relaxing activity
  • Tones down aggressive traits
  • Light yet effective activity for aging canines
  • Ideal for pet and owner bonding

Doga – perfect time for pet and human bonding:

Another super interesting aspect of Yoga for dogs is that owners practice Yoga with their pets. They take help of their pet while stretching, holding on the posture and getting into different asanas. Well, if you have a busy schedule then a Doga class would be all about spending quality time with your pet. Moreover, you will put an end to those guilt trips you go through when you miss taking your pet for exercise. It will be total fun. A brownie point here is that it improves the health of the two of you.

To sum up, Yoga for dogs is a charming activity for both the pet and the pet parent. It is fast becoming a rage with pet lovers trying to fix it in their schedules. It is not only a loving, cuddling time spent with your pet. Rather it is therapeutic time for the both of you. So, if you have not enrolled in a Doga class yet then do it at the first sight. It will leave you contented and high-spirited! What say?

How To Stop Cats From Biting Fingers?

Cat Chewing on my Fingers

Do you wonder about your pussy’s gnawing habit? Is it just a game for you or those scratching and biting acts need some special attention? Most of the times, the cat chews their human companion’s fingers without any aggression. This harmless act seems playful and an act of affection. But, can there be another side to this story? Let us find out the reasons behind this biting behavior of the pet and check whether it needs to be changed or not. Continue reading

Is Your Dog Constipated? Check Out the Solution


Is your pet straining hard to poop? Is he putting lot of effort before passing his stools? Is he taking more time in the yard doing his daily business? If the answers to all these questions are positive then there are chances that your pooch might be constipated. He may be facing difficulty in bowels. Constipation is not frequent in dogs as it is in humans. Still it is observed frequently in aging canines that are going through the problem of slow metabolism. However, we cannot deny the fact that this bowel issue may happen to any age group and breed of dogs. Continue reading

Adopting an Older Cat – A Wise Decision

Adopting an Older Cat

Shelter homes are flooded with older cats that have no takers. The new kitten season would be another reason for unnecessary euthanizing of elderly felines or those who have stepped into adulthood. It is a sad story about cats in America where there is a flood of pets. As there is, an overwhelming number of kittens born every year, a big chunk of them ends up in rescue shelters. They are left for the mercy of adoption. If not taken then they are left to be the tragic end of being euthanized. Continue reading

Food Allergies – A Common Cause of Skin Problems in Dogs

Skin Problems in Dogs

Food allergies are one of the most common causes of skin problems in dogs. Food is the entry gate of several allergens that may harm the pet’s system. Adverse reactions of these allergens are rashes, itching, scratching, sores, redness and scabs on the pet’s skin. And the worst part is that food allergies in dogs are an all season affair. It can attack any breed of pet without discriminating between a spayed or neutered pet. Continue reading

Famous Dog Quotes Which Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Pet, All Over Again!

Until One Has Loved an Animal, A Part Of One’s Soul Remains Unawakened. – Anatole FranceQ1The Average Dog Is A Nicer Person Than The Average Person. – Andy RooneyQ2There Is No Psychiatrist In The World Like A Puppy Licking Your Face. – Bernard WilliamsQ3No Matter How Little Money And How Few Possessions You Own, Having A Dog Makes You Rich. – Louis SabinQ4The Poor Dog, In Life The Firmest Friend. The First To Welcome, Foremost To Defend. – Lord ByronQ5Love And Loyalty Can Be Best Defined And Lived By A Dog. – Author UnknownQ6He Is Your Friend, Your Partner, Your Defender, Your Dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You Owe It To Him To Be Worthy Of Such Devotion. – Author UnknownQ7I Love A Dog. He Does Nothing For Political Reasons. – Will RogersQ8A Dog Is The Only Thing On Earth That Loves You More Than You Love Yourself. – Josh BillingsQ9I Think Dogs Are The Most Amazing Creatures; They Give Unconditional Love. For Me They Are The Role Model For Being Alive. – Gilda RadnerQ10 Women And Cats Will Do As They Please, And Men And Dogs Should Relax And Get Used To The Idea. – Robert A. HeinleinQ11To Err Is Human, To Forgive Canine. – Author Unknown Q12The Dog Represents All That Is Best In Man. – Etienne CharletQ13If There Are No Dogs In Heaven, Then When I Die I Want To Go Where They Went. – Will RogersQ14If A Dog Will Not Come To You After Having Looked You In The Face, You Should Go Home And Examine Your Conscience. – Woodrow WilsonQ15 My Goal in Life Is To Be As Good Of A Person My Dog Already Thinks I Am – Author UnknownQ16I Think I Have A Right To Resent, To Object To Libelous Statements About My Dog. – FDRQ17The Greatest Love Is a Mother’s; Then a Dog’s; Then a Sweetheart’s. – Polish ProverbQ18A Man May Smile And Bid You Hail, Yet Wish You To The Devil; But When A Good Dog Wags His Tail, You Know He’s On The Level. – Author UnknownQ19 No One Appreciates The Very Special Genius Of Your Conversation As The Dog Does. – Christopher MorleyQ20

Properly Trained, a Man Can Be Dog’s Best Friend. – Corey Ford

Q21Whoever Said You Can’t Buy Happiness Forgot Little Puppies. – Gene Hill

Q22Bliss Is The Result Of A Silent Conversation Between Me And My Dog. – Author Unknown
Q23The Reason A Dog Has So Many Friends Is That He Wags His Tail Instead Of His Tongue. – Author Unknown

There Is No Faith Which Has Never Yet Been Broken, Except That Of A Truly Faithful Dog. –  Konrad Lorenz

Q25I Am I Because My Little Dog Knows Me. – Gertrude Stein
Q26If You Pick Up a Starving Dog and Make Him Prosperous, He Will Not Bite You; That Is the Principle Difference between a Dog and a Man. – Mark Twain
Q27In Order To Keep a True Perspective of One’s Importance, Everyone Should Have a Dog That Will Worship Him and a Cat That Will Ignore Him. – Dereke Bruce