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Pet Wellness Month: Ways to Observe the Special Occasion

October is known to be a month of ghosts but it also marks another significant event, National Pet Wellness Month. Pets have been our prized companions for hundreds of years. They offer us love and companionship which makes us equally responsible to them. Therefore, the month of October has been dedicated to raising awareness of… Read More »

Do Your Bit This Puppy Mill Awareness Day

If you are an ardent pet lover, you must have heard or read somewhere about the puppy mill awareness day that is celebrated across the country. It is observed every year on the third Saturday of September month. This year, it is going to be on September 16. The aim is to make people aware… Read More »

National Pet Day

The Relationship between humans and pets can be traced back a few centuries. A pet no longer only means dogs and cats to people these days. Animal lovers have been seen to raise horses, rabbits, birds, fishes, reptiles, or rats as their non-human friends. This human-animal bond is special for every pet parent and to… Read More »