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Bravecto Spot-On for Cats – All You Need To Know


Flea and Tick are one of the most common disease affecting pets including cats. While they continue to infect millions of cats across the globe, there are several treatment methods one can opt for, for eliminating these pesky parasites and one such product which does that brilliantly is Bravecto Spot-On. What is Bravecto Spot-On? Bravecto… Read More »

What You Can Do About Evolving Fleas?

Fleas that used to get eradicated easily using Frontline or Advantage are now gradually becoming immune to these products. Some of them have even developed resistance to the standard treatments used for flea elimination. However, the number of such fleas is still less. The main reason behind recurrences is rather the presence of fleas that… Read More »

The Rising Tick-Borne Illness In Cats: Cytauxzoonosis

Do you think cats are immune to diseases? Well, if you do think so, you are not right. Though cats certainly have better immunity compared to dogs, they are not as safeguarded as you may think, especially from ticks. In fact, there is this one tick-borne disease in cats which is constantly on the rise… Read More »

Feline Mycoplasma – The Vet’s Guide to Your Cat’s Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

  The name directly will bring you the thought that the term relates to felines and that to more specifically related to ‘plasma’ thing. Being true to its name, Mycoplasma is specially a cat disease. The most common reason of this disease is fleas and ticks. The bacteria mycoplasma is transmitted to cats through flea… Read More »

How To Treat Hot Spots On Dogs?

Hot spots are rough and red patches formed on the pet’s skin due to itching, licking or scratching. They are also known as summer sores or moist dermatitis. These hotspots can appear anywhere on the pet skin but more commonly found on the head or neck area of the pet. It is a very uncomfortable… Read More »

Why Is Flea Prevention Necessary In Dogs?

As humans, dogs also suffer from numerous infections. But, as the famous saying goes – ‘Prevention is Better Than Cure’, the best option to safeguard your furry friend is prevention. Taking preventive measures will keep your dog infection free and healthy. In order to keep your furry pal healthy, the first thing is to know… Read More »

How to take care of pets skin and coat. (Infographic)

  Skin issues in pets make there life miserable. Pets parents need to keep a deep watch on the pet’s activity. A normal scratching can be a sign of fleas, ticks and other worms infections. Use proper fleas and ticks prevention and nutrition foods rich in fatty acids. This will improve the overall development of skin and coat health… Read More »

5 Useful Insights When Dealing With Fleas

Most pet parents are aware of fact that the problem of fleas exists and it is harmful for both pets and humans. Therefore, treating environment and pet becomes important to check flea infestation. However, it would be more helpful and effective, if treatment adopted to check flea infestation were in line with the best practices… Read More »

Flea Infestation In Pets – A Complete Protocol To Protect Your Pet

Have you ever noticed your furry pal scratching, licking or biting his skin indiscriminately? If yes, then you are at right place. His body is now home to blood sucking fleas that force him to bite and scratch his skin terribly. Now to get rid of this menace you need to adopt a wholesome approach… Read More »

Is It Safe To Use Dog Revolution Dosage On Cat?

Aside from being warm weather parasites, fleas, ticks and heartworm are dangerous and gross to pets. They pose some health risks. So, it is very important to maintain regular prevention that is safe and effective in protecting your pet from these parasites. And, that could be possible with a simple spot-on treatment like Revolution. Containing… Read More »