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Pet Therapy – An Interesting Technique Emerging In Health Care

Recently, in health care industry a new trend has been seen – curing patients with the help of pet therapy. Many doctors and surgeons are advising patients this treatment seeing the countless advantages it provides. Not only confined to physical health, pet therapy helps in maintaining and enhancing overall health. Many researchers have found that… Read More »

Pet Supplies Sale on Columbus Day at BestVetCare

In remembrance of Columbus discovery of new world, we at are bringing in an incredible sale on pet supplies at our online store. Columbus Day is a national holiday, which is celebrated on the second Monday of October every year. This year it falls on October 13th. To commemorate the achievements of Columbus and… Read More »

Bad Breath in Dogs and Cats – Causes and Treatments

Bad breath in dogs and cats is a common concern of pet parents. There are many causes of bad breath in cats and dogs. What may seem just an oral hygiene problem can be deeper than that. It may also occur due to dental disease, bacterial infection, oral cancers, gum tumors, sinus infections, upper respiratory… Read More »