Commemorating Unchain a Dog Month – 2020

By | January 6, 2020

Commemorating Unchain a Dog Month 2020

Dogs are wild and curious creatures who love to be set free. Tethering dogs is inhumane as it poses a risk to their mental health thus pet parents should not encourage this. To spread a word about freeing dogs, we celebrate January as Unchain a Dog Month. No pet parent would want their dogs to live a restraining life all the time. Therefore, we always advise pet parents to avoid chaining their dogs and let them live a restriction-free life. Moreover, shelter dogs have it worse as most of them have to live with chains, making their life miserable. If you want to make a change and do something for such dogs, we have listed below some tips on how you can contribute towards the cause.

  • Adopt a Dog

    The best thing you can do this month is adopting a dog. There are so many homeless dogs that are looking for their forever homes. Therefore, if you’ve been thinking of getting a pet, now’s the right time. By bringing a dog into your house, you’re not only setting him free from the chains, but you’re also giving him a new and better life. This way, he can be his own ebullient self.

  • Help stray animals

    Stray animals need the most help during such times as they don’t have any resources for food or water. Let those dogs and cats into your house and feed them so they can survive.

  • Prepare shelter

    It’s very easy to make a shelter for stray dogs near your house so they can stay inside during winters. This task isn’t very time consuming and it can save the lives of many animals who just roam around without any shelter or food.

  • Untangled tethers

    Before anything else, see that there are no tangles as it can lead to serious injury or mishap. Moreover, check that it is away from trees or any other object so it doesn’t keep the dog from getting into the shelter.

  • Check the tightness of the chain

    Dogs also suffer a lot due to chains as the material could be harsh on their skin or the chain is too tight for them. This leads to accidents and your dog could also harm himself while trying to get rid of the chain. Therefore, always check whether the dog is comfortable or not.

  • Take the dog out for a walk

    Pets have curiousness in them which always keeps them on their toes. Thus, pets love to roam and go for strolls with their humans. When you don’t provide any physical stimulation to your dog, it will bore him out. So, take out some time from your daily routine and take your furry pal for a walk around the block.

We hope these points help you in taking better care of your pet! Dogs love affection, so this January, make your pooch and other stray animals happy by doing something remarkable for them! Moreover, if you live in an area that heavy flea and tick infestation, keep flea and tick preventives for your pet as well as other dogs to keep them protected from these annoying critters.

You can also check out the video below which shows the transformation of a dog when he is set free from the chains. Nothing can come close to the happiness you witness when the dog getting freedom for the first time. So, if you keep your dog in chains or have seen any other dogs that are tethered, now’s the time to make a difference and unchain the dog. Click Here