Is It Safe To Use Dog Revolution Dosage On Cat?

By | October 30, 2017

Revolution Treatment for Cats

Aside from being warm weather parasites, fleas, ticks and heartworm are dangerous and gross to pets. They pose some health risks. So, it is very important to maintain regular prevention that is safe and effective in protecting your pet from these parasites.

And, that could be possible with a simple spot-on treatment like Revolution.

Containing a super ingredient selamectin, the Revolution is formulated for dog and cat to get rid of heartworm and prevent parasites like fleas and tick, too. So, to get complete peace of mind – this all-in-one treatment is best way for all pet owners. Manufactured by Bayer, Revolution is topical solution that administrated topically and absorbed into the bloodstream to treat nasty parasites.

Key Benefits of Revolution:

  • Quick, effective and easy to administer
  • Water-resistant solution
  • Kill adult fleas, ticks, ear mites
  • Prevent sarcoptic mange
  • Prevent heartworm infections
  • Provide a month long protection

Revolution Usage for Dogs and Cats:

If you are unfortunate to live in an area in parasites prone area, you have to get an early start by applying Revolution. A single dosage Revolution tube is applied on skin of your cat or dog’s neck in front of the shoulder blades every month. Its water resistance contents when placed on skin, it absorbs into the pet’s bloodstream and starts to work against parasites. It is safe to use above six month older puppies and kitten as well as pregnant and lactating females.

Once it dried, you can let your pet to go about his usual activities whether it is playing in the rain or swimming. With it, you can protect your dog for a month. So, when the next month is up, you need a new dose to apply. And as reminder, you can mark the date of dose every month on calendar.

Difference Between Revolution for Cats and Dogs

Difference Between Revolution for Cats and Dogs:

Yes! Difference!! The difference between revolution for dog and revolution for cat will answer the question of: Is it safe to use Revolution for dogs on cat? The answer is so simple – you should only use Revolution on the pet that they are designed for, even though both versions contain the same active ingredient. This is because the main difference is the concentration of the selamectin varies. For example – large pet need a higher concentration, while puppy or kitten require a lesser concentration. So, according to weight and types of pet, the revolution products are available. In fact, there are different color packages and clear label of weight categories. Hence, there is no any chance to bring any wrong product. It is advised that you should always use appropriate product to avoid possible problems.

The overdose on your pet could cause health issues, while missing or lower dose will not provide complete protection. And if it used on other species can develop some side effects or discomfort. So, it is essential to read label thoroughly and give appropriate dosage in accordance with your pet’s body weight and type.

Hope this information may have cleared your confusion about Revolution for dogs and Revolution for cats; and be helpful to choose safe and effective preventative easily.