Puppy FAQs – For New Pet Owners

By | July 4, 2014

New Puppy FAQs
Nothing can match the excitement of becoming a proud and happy parent of a cute little puppy. You cannot get over the euphoria of bringing this bundle of joy home. New puppy brings with him lot of effervescence and energy. He brings in happy mood in the entire family. On your part, your foremost job is to keep him happy. For this, you might be having lot of questions about puppy care.

You would like to ensure that he is cheerful in this new environment and likes the new species of companions. Your queries about his eating habits, vaccinations, daily care and other requirements may give you quite an anxious time. Let us discuss the most common yet important questions that boggle the minds of all new pet parents.

Puppy FAQs for new pet parents:

What are the basic needs of any puppy?

To put it simple, it is just lot of love and care. Since he has recently separated from his siblings and mother, it becomes very important that we understand his emotional needs. He must be given the secure and loving feeling until he gets used to the new environment.

In addition, his beddings, bowls and litter box should be kept ready. He will take time in getting used to all these things. So, have patience. Shower him with lots of hugs, cuddles and affection, as he needs extra care in the initial days.

Is it necessary to puppy proof the house?

YES! Puppies are like kids and they are curious about anything and everything. They would like to explore your place by running and hopping around it. They would smell and taste everything that comes in their way. That is why it is advisable to puppy proof the house in order to avoid any kind of infections, spillage and damage.

Keep away stuff that is harmful for the pet like beer bottle tops, candys, dairy products, chocolates etc. There have been many instances when puppies swallow beer bottle tops, small sized balls, plastic toys etc. So, keep all these things at a distance. Make sure you do not put hot food or other items within the reach of the puppy.

When do I need to go for a veterinarian visit?

Well, as soon as you become a pet parent. It is advisable to get your pet examined by a vet within 48 hours of bringing him home. This will help to detect any existing or upcoming health problems for the new attraction of your home. It is a very good time to have a complete discussion with your vet about all the queries and concerns you have for the puppy.

Check about his food habits, vaccinations, deworming time, his basic requirements etc. This will help you a great deal in nursing and raising your pet. It will give you a broader picture of absolute puppy care. Vet guidance is the best education for puppy care. The vet is also the best source that gives an estimate of the finances required for pet parenting.

What is the ideal age for vaccinating the puppy?

Ideal age for vaccinating the puppy is 8 weeks. Followed by this, there will be a series of medications and vaccines that need to be given at frequent intervals until the puppy is 16 weeks of age. Once the puppy reaches four months of age, he is vaccinated on a yearly basis only.

Puppies inherit natural immunity from their mothers. However, they start losing this immune power once they are 6 to 8 weeks old. You can get details about the various puppy vaccinations, exact time for vaccination, the total expense and precautions that need to be taken before and after vaccinating the pet from your veterinarian.

Is my puppy susceptible to worms?

Yes he is. Not all puppies have worms but they have a very strong tendency of being infected with worms. Many of them get worm infections when they are in the uterus. Some get infected through their mother’s milk. Moreover, infections due to external sources can occur any time after his birth. Thus, it is recommended to de-worm puppies on a regular basis. Do it under a vet’s guidance.

What about heartworms in puppies?

Heartworms are spread through an infected mosquito. If the mosquito bites a newborn puppy then it transmits heartworms to him. It takes six months for heartworms to mature. Thus, the pet will start showing heartworm symptoms after six months of being infected.

It therefore becomes important to get your pet checked for existing heartworm infection. Treatment and prevention of heartworms should be a priority of any pet parent. It is important to get rid of these worms, as heartworms may prove fatal for your puppy.

What is the ideal diet for a puppy?

Ask your breeder or adoption agency about the kind of food they were feeding the pet. The young puppy would not be able to accept a sudden change in the diet. It may result in diarrhea and upset his stomach. So, make a gradual change in his food by giving part of his regular diet and part of new food.

Separation anxiety can be another reason behind his stomach upset. The stress of being away from his mother and siblings would change his routine biological clock. So, be watchful of his diet. Give him puppy-based diet that is rich in proteins and helps in enhancing his overall health.

Any sleeping time tips for the puppy?

Dogs live in packs and puppies often cuddle up with their siblings during their sleeping hours. For the initial days, you can keep his bedding near your bed so that he does not feel lonely. For the starting few days, you can also make him sleep on your bed to give him comfort. A cozy bed and no noisy environment are enough to give him a good night sleep. Make sure children and others should not disturb him during his resting time. That’s it!

As a pet parent, do keep a habit of discussing your puppy’s behavioral changes with your vet. This helps in understanding his problems and needs. Streamlining puppy care with your veterinarian’s guidance is the finest way of raising pets.

These small little pointers will help you take optimum care of your new puppy. Remember, a pet is a lifetime responsibility and you need to invest time, money and emotions in him. So, now you are all set to give the best to your pup. Make your pet parenting duty the most lovable job of your life!