Raising A Puppy When You Work Full Time

By | February 8, 2019
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a-cute-puppy-standing-on-floorIt’s often seen that working parents have to leave their toddlers back at home, alone and away from them until they reunite at the end of their working hours. But, does this mean that they aren’t thinking about them the entire day. Ofcourse they are!! The thoughts of their babies’ whereabouts and activities constantly worry a parent and thus there are some or the other arrangements they’ve made in advance in the form of a nanny, or a creche enrolment, or calling up a relative, friend or a neighbor, etc., to take care of any unwanted incidents. The same is the case with a pet-parent. A full-time working parent has to pre-plan a lot of things for their pups in order to make them comfortable, active and happy, yet ensure it’s well trained.

Basically, there are 4 things that need to be addressed by a full-time working pet-parent:

  1. Ensure no feeling of loneliness
  2. Ensure enough activities to pass the pup’s time
  3. Ensure constant supervision
  4. Ensure no gaps in training

Let us look into each one by one


Once acquainted with your daily presence around him, your furry little baby might find it difficult to digest your absence. Thus, it’s very important for a pet-parent to ensure that the puppy doesn’t learn to miss you or cry when you leave. This can be done by leaving without coming into his notice. Showering love when you leave or showing remorse for leaving it alone can inculcate a behavior of crying when he’s left alone. Thus, it’s important for a parent to indulge the pup into some activity and slide out.


A pup is nothing less than an active volcano, who is always ready to blow and flow to every nick and corner of the house. Thus, it’s important for a parent to set up his activity schedule for the time span he’s going to spend alone. One can indulge in games with the pup and tire him out a little so that he snoozes off as soon as you’re out. One can also set up soft toys and games for it to play so that it doesn’t feel alone. Planning meals in a mode of games can also play the trick. Serving the pup’s meal in a puzzle feeder can indulge the pup into activity before he can have his meal and then doze off. Freezing the puzzle feeder can also help where the pup will have to lick his way to the food, thus passing much of his time before he can take a nap.


It is utmost important for a pet parent to supervise remotely or to appoint someone to do the same so as to monitor and control the pup’s activities. A friend, a neighbor or a pup sitter who can spend some time with your little ball of fur ensures that his daily routine is being followed and the training is being provided as planned. A pup needs his regular toilet breaks and a human aid can help establish a healthy routine. One can also do the same using cameras where a parent can watch its pup over, communicate and also indulge in a game or two.


Leaving your little puppy away from you can hinder his training progress, but considering this aspect of utmost importance, it’s imperative for a parent to be proactive here. Training your pup to relieve itself in the designated spot, to play and stay in the designated area, etc are some things to teach your pup before he grows up into an untrained dog. A pup generally has to relieve itself every 2-3 hours. Thus, arranging for someone to take him out for a walk timely, or making it back home during breaks for the same can help your pup grow into a well-trained pet. One can reward the pup for doing things right and can inculcate the habit of holding his pressure for a reward in the future as well. Make an aptly sized pup house furnished with a small bed and soft toys and reward your pup to stay and play within. This can help you prevent your pup from loitering and littering all around.

Well, the last note – be regular with vet check-ups and start his parasite prevention program early on to be a responsible parent to your fur ball and ensure the doses are given on time. Being a pet parent is a big responsibility and even bigger when you are a super-busy person. So, make sure you follow the aforementioned steps, feed him a well-balanced diet yourself or through your aide to raise a beautiful, adult dog. Everything discussed here is easily said than done. It will take immense determination and planning for a full-time working pet parent to raise its little ball of fur as a result of which one will get nothing short of the happiness, they imagined for themselves in its companionship.

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