Website Revamped- Unleashing All New Features of BestVetCare!

By | August 7, 2019

BestVetCare is a leading American online pet store, supplying a varied range of pet products. We have always thrived to serve best services to our elite as well as new customers. All these years, we have been committed to catering hassle-free shopping experience, quality products, auto-order, free shipping, and excellent customer services.  However, with the evolving customer demands and ease shopping, it’s requisite to provide an up to date website. Adding newer features to the website gives a refreshing new interface to the customers.

It feels good to get the best when you felt that good was already the best. This clearly applies to our loyal customers for trusting us and appreciating our services. Hence, to make your shopping journey more interesting and easy we have rolled out new features to cater you with the best.

Therefore, we are announcing the newly launched features of our website(BestVetCare) with the aim to enhance our customers’ shopping experience. 

Enhanced Website Loading Speed

Just between the process of clicking the link and displaying the entire content from the web page on the browser, you can either lose or gain a customer. We value our customers and we understand the importance of their time. We know that our customers will immediately leave the site if our site will open at turtle speed. Therefore, we have incorporated website loading speed as a key factor that plays a vital role in website performance metrics. The modified loading speed of our website(BestVetCare) has been comparatively increased with the launch of new features.

Improved User Interface

We have come up with an improved user interface of our website as we believe that a good interface design intends to guide users through their journey on the site. We put ourselves in the shoes of customers to analyze the problems they face while shopping from our website. Therefore, we consider factors such as difficult navigation, a clumsy showcase of products and poor design to never be an impediment in the user interface of our website. So our improved user interface helps to search for products easily and makes check out a smooth process.

Refer A Friend

We have added just another reason in the bucket full of benefits to having friends. We have rolled out this Refer a Friend feature which can be beneficial to you and your friends. Refer a friend program on our website creates a bonanza offer for you and your friends where both can earn extra reward points. Refer a Friend Program allows you to refer your friend anywhere anytime online and you can refer as many friends as you want because there’s no limit of earning reward points. All you need to do is log in, refer a friend, fill the details and you both can earn when they shop from our site. 

Reward Points

Our Reward Points Program aims to help our customers earn more with their every purchase. You will earn reward points every time you place an order with us, and the same will be accumulated in your registered account. The reward points earned is equal to the purchase value and you can easily redeem those reward points on your future purchases from BestVetCare.

Add Favorite Products

We have introduced these add favorite products feature that allows you to like a product from your login account. When you add a particular product as your favorite, it automatically displays in your wishlist. Your favorite product is directly available there when you wish to shop for it. We always strive to make shopping easier for our customers.

 Shop By Brand

Shop By Brand is a feature that enables customers to easily search all the products under their favorite brand. Just when you click on the particular category to shop for, you’ll be able to have a quick overview by a drop-down list available on the right side. This feature avoids the dire task of searching for your favorite brand to shop for by making the purchase process easier. 

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Mobile devices are playing a vital role to contribute one-third of the website traffic to the website. It is one of the major benefits of building a mobile-friendly website as the majority of customers use smartphones and tablets. Mobile-Friendly website design makes shopping easily navigable and convenient for customers. The constant use of mobile devices makes it effortless for our current and prospective customers to access our site. So, we have researched and worked more to modify our site into a significant mobile-friendly website.

Captivating Color Palette

Colors used on the website say it all. It was earlier when a very limited color palette was used which reflected a monotonous look of all the websites. Now, a vibrant and fresh color palette is adapted which often speaks for the product or service. Our website is crafted with mainly two colors-red and white. Red is the most powerful color for expressing moods and feelings and it’s also the most attention-grabbing color. Whereas the background of the website is accompanied by white color to give it a non-messy and subtle look. The blends of these eye-catching yet subtle colors create a captivating color web design and make our customers feel happy and shopping a joyful process.

We have attempted to revamp our site with the additional newer features. Our goal is to serve a functional, effective and user-friendly experience to our customers. These features incorporated in a website hold the potential to improve the site’s performance. It also helps to provide a seamless experience for our customers and visitors. We constantly thrive to leverage innovative features to cater smoother, newer, and better user experience with the changing pace of time. Well!
We constantly intend to serve our customers with the exquisite shopping experience for their pets with 100% satisfaction. So, there’s a lot more to come in the near future. Stay Tuned! BestVetCare