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Moving with your Dog: 5 Ways to Help Dogs Adjust to a New Home

We all know that moving to a new place can be a stressful task for us. But our pets also face a lot of difficulties when these transitions occur. As humans, pets can also get accustomed to their environment and can become quite resistant to change. As they can’t express their emotions as humans do,… Read More »

All You Want To Know About ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’ in Pet Insurance.

Pet parents worry about their pets a lot and why not? They are part of the family. Many pet parents are exploring the option of pet insurance to safeguard their pet’s overall well-being. However, they come across clause such as pre-existing conditions, which makes them confused to whether opt for the policy or reject it.… Read More »

Do You Know About Otitis In Cats?

Ear infections in cats are also referred as Otitis in general and further differentiated specifically as Otitis externa- infection involving the ear canal or outer ear and Otitis media- infection in the middle ear on the basis of the condition. The inflammation of the inner ear is called Otitis interna. The most common cause of… Read More »

Bullying In Cats – Resolving The Social Conflict Amongst Felines

Lot of times we hear about the heinous act of bullying at school or work. But when your kitty starts to bully other cats in the household it is the worst possible nightmare turning into a reality for a cat owner. If you are ignoring the nasty scratches and bites from the bullying cat to… Read More »

When your Cat Stops using his Litter Box – Things to ponder…..

Your feline is the best thing that has happened in your life and we totally understand that. But are you aware that the relationships that your tabby has in your house with different family members has direct correlation to their litter usage? It has generally been observed that if your tabby does not have a… Read More »