Dogs And Their Sleeping Habits

By | April 4, 2019

dog-and-sleep“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our body together.”- Thomas Dekker. This line is as true as you are while sleeping and this quote is not only valid for you but also valid for your dog. Apart from flea and tick treatments, heartworm preventives and other vaccinations, dogs also need sound and appropriate sleep to maintain a healthy body. While the body is asleep it re-energizes like charging your phone and updating the system. Hence dogs sleep a lot obviously more than humans.

A puppy can easily sleep for 20 hours out of 24 hours because that is the amount of sleep the body needs to develop properly. Puppies when awake spend all their energy in exploring, learning commands, getting familiar with smells, the people in the surroundings. And, that’s why a sound sleep is very crucial for the brain to compile all the information and store it. Similarly, for senior dogs sleep is necessary for the physical and mental rest.

Inculcating A Good Sleeping Habit In Your Pup Or Adult Dog

From the moment you bring in a new pup, you should establish the sleeping habits and rules. So, your small furry companion gets accustomed to the habits from a young age because having a pup is exhausting. Some of the habits that you need to teach him/her are-

  • Design a schedule for him/her that fits in your daily life
  • Provide a safe place to sleep like a crate with a soft bed, big enough to move stand, turn around and lie down
  • Get him familiar with the crate and inculcate a habit of sleeping only in the crate
  • You might find your pet cute if he/she sleeps on your bed but it will be no longer cute when the pup grows big and it will be very difficult to change the habit then.
  • Ensure that the place where your pup’s bed is kept is calm
  • Buy a playpen to keep your pooch safe while he is playing, this will also keep your belongings safe as well
  • Keep the playing schedule in such a way that the pup gets to sleep in between
  • Sleep between play keeps them energized and also gives their brain some time to register everything
  • Because pups have low concentration it might take some time for them to grasp commands they are taught so you can sneak in a nap time in between
  • Never wake up a sleeping pup because a small pup may get scared or behave aggressively
  • Too much of sleep can also be harmful to your pup or a senior dog
  • If your dog sleeps more than it should be, then there is a problem with his/her drinking habits or processed food which he/she is eating or heavy worm burden. Consult your vet in this case
  • You might have to take your pup to a lot of toilet breaks so keep that in the schedule for both day and night

Senior Dogs And Sleeping

With senior dogs, things are simple, because they are already trained about sleeping habits and toilet breaks. They sleep generally 14 hours a day which is not a continuous sleep. They may sleep in day and night combined and if you are lucky they will sleep mostly in the night.

Your main job is to provide a calm and comfortable place for them to doze off. Unlike humans dogs don’t sleep soundly they remain alert while sleeping so make sure that you don’t try to wake up your dog while you are sleeping because they might attack you thinking someone is attacking them.

Sleep allows the body and mind to relax and as a parent, it’s your job that your dog gets the required sleep. So, don’t underestimate the power and importance of good sleep.

“Sleep is the best Meditation”- Dalai Lama

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