All You Want To Know About ‘Pre-Existing Conditions’ in Pet Insurance.

By | April 20, 2018

Pet parents worry about their pets a lot and why not? They are part of the family. Many pet parents are exploring the option of pet insurance to safeguard their pet’s overall well-being.

However, they come across clause such as pre-existing conditions, which makes them confused to whether opt for the policy or reject it.

What Is Pre-Existing Conditions?

Pre-existing conditions’ is a terminology associated with insurance policy. When you will go to any insurance company for pet insurance, you will come across this clause named pre-existing conditions. It means that if for instance, your dog or cat is battling with any illness or disease prior to the commencement of the insurance policy, then the insurance company will bear no expenses on your behalf as your pet’s illness has occurred before the policy begins.

In simple words, the insurance company will not cover anything related to your pet before the policy comes into effect. The conditions or illness affecting your pet prior to the commencement of the policy is thus excluded from the coverage.

Therefore, the timing of the policy matters here. Due to this very clause, it is advised to pet parents to opt for pet insurance when the pet is in its puppyhood.


When it comes to pet insurance, it is advisable to insure your pet as early as possible. Secondly, at the time of signing the papers, read every clause of the policy carefully. Before that, do a detailed study of various insurance companies who are offering pet insurance. Write pros and cons of every insurance company. Choose the one, which you find suitable for safeguarding your pet’s health in future.