Dream of a Pet Dog That Met Reality – Part 3 Finding A Way Out

By | October 11, 2019

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Finding A Way Out

Dream of a Pet Dog That Met Reality – Part 3 Finding A Way Out

                                                                             Dustin finds out about Jack’s illness

I was very disappointed and worried when the vet told me that Jack had a flea infestation. I had known nothing about it!

When the vet was examining Jack, he said – ‘Dustin, your pup is infested with fleas and tons of flea eggs under his coat, which can turn into adult fleas at any time if not removed quickly.’ ‘I am prescribing Frontline Plus, which will eliminate any adult fleas and will also remove the flea eggs. You should also buy a flea comb along with a flea shampoo to prevent further infestation.’

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While he was suggesting all these things, a thought entered my mind. It was regarding my expenses, and how I am going to afford it! Brushing that thought aside, I went to the local store and bought the prescribed treatments, anyway. However, I was worried that if such kind of expenses keeps occurring, it will become very difficult for me to continue my dog’s treatment. This thought lingered for quite a while and even sent me jitters down my spine. After lots of thinking, I finally decided to talk to my parents about my concern.

So the next day at dinner time, I watched my mom and dad from afar. They were patiently waiting for me to join them at the dining table. As I walked down the stairway, I noticed them both staring at me. My eyes met theirs, and when it did, I quickly looked away. And as I continued walking down slowly, thoughts appeared again in my mind. This time I was playing the conversation in my head, and how I would tell them about this money thing. I tried mustering my courage and walked to the table.

My dad – ‘Hey Dustin, how you’re doing? Come and sit; dinner is ready.’

Me – ‘Err… Yes…dad!

Dad – ‘What happened, son? Everything okay?’

Me – ‘Actually, no! Dad, I want to talk to the both of you about something.’

Dad –‘Uh, okay! What’s the matter, son?’

Meanwhile, my mom, who was working in the kitchen, came out to listen to me.

Me – ‘Dad! Mom! I went to the vet today to get Jack checked.’

Dad -‘Alright! And?’

Me-   ‘And dad, the vet told me that Jack has the fleas. He also prescribed me some treatments’ ‘I bought them from the store and it cost me almost $400.’

Dad – ‘What, FOUR HUNDRED DOLLARS? Dustin, you know we cannot afford that much. You will have to check your expenses. We knew having a dog would cost a lot, but since you so wanted to have one, we gave in. See how you can manage your budget.’

Mom – ‘Dustin, we understand how much you love Jack but please do something! We cannot afford to use up all our savings on a dog.’

Finding A Way Out

                                                                                                      Bitter Truth

I know we cannot afford to have an unhealthy or disease-prone dog at home. But, I also didn’t want to just give up. I loved Jack and would go any extent to keep him safe and healthy.’

I finally went to my friends to discuss the issue. We decided to meet at Zane’s place this time.

I entered the room.

I saw Mike, Zane, and Kruger busy munching on chips.

Zane – ‘Hi, Dustin! How you doing, buddy?’

Mike and Zane – ‘Hey Dustin’

Me – ‘Hey Zane, Mike, and Kruger… Err, I am good. Actually…I’m not! I have to talk with you guys about Jack.’

Mike – ‘Oh okay! What’s up?’

Me – So guys, I took Jack to the vet yesterday. After his check-up, I learned that he is down with heavy flea infestations. The vet prescribed a topical solution, and a few other treatments. I bought all the treatments that Jack needs and have even used it on him this morning. But the problem is, it cost me almost $400. If I will have to incur so much money every month, I won’t be able to afford to take care of Jack. And you guys know, I don’t want to lose him at all.’

Kruger broke his silence… ‘Dustin, don’t worry, we will find a way out’

Mike – ‘Yes, I agree with Kruger. We will, don’t you worry, buddy’

Finding A Way Out

                                                                                              An idea strikes!

Meanwhile, Zane who was apparently in his thoughts, muttered – ‘There is certainly a more affordable way to deal with this issue, otherwise there’s no chance for a person like John to have afforded a dog.’

Mike – ‘Oh Yes, Zane; you are brilliant! We could go and ask him how he used to manage his expenses because all through these years it is certainly not possible that his dog would have never had any disease other than the one which took Duke’s life’

I was more than overwhelmed that my friends are indeed the best people in my life.

We decided that we will visit John after school hours the next day itself. And we all told our respective parents to not wait for us for dinner.

We’re almost at the brink of this pet story. The final part will be out soon so stay tuned for it!

                                                                                                                                 TO BE CONTINUED

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