National Train Your Dog Month

By | January 9, 2023

Dogs are very intelligent and easily learn different commands and tricks that we teach them. January is the month when all the pet parents and trainers come together and share their knowledge on training dogs. Training your dog can be easy and fun!

Today we’ll learn more about the importance of training your dog and what one can do to make it more fun.

1. Why training your dog is beneficial?

Since we cannot speak their language and they cannot comprehend ours, we must establish a way to communicate with our four-legged family member. The innate desire of dogs is to live in the wild, not in homes, so why we must teach them how to get along with people and live in a social environment.

Training provides your dog with the mental stimulation which helps them to adjust to the domestic environment. Certain types of training and exercise routines provide your dog with physical stimulation and this makes their lives enjoyable. It also strengthens your bond with your pet. Additionally, trained dogs are well-mannered pets and a joy to be around, and are unlikely to go feral or harm themselves or us.

2. Do’s and Don’ts of Training Your Dog

Now that we know the benefits of training, let’s check out some do’s and don’ts of training your dog.

  •          Things you should be doing more

A). Focus on your dog’s instincts and understand its strengths and weaknesses.

B). Be patient and kind while training your dog. It is hard for them to learn new skills, so give them time.  

C). Appreciation is the key. Reward good behavior and correct the bad behavior; this allows your pet to know what action is encouraged and they will repeat the actions that were rewarded. Also, remember to reward your dog immediately after it completes a task.

D). Add variety to the places you take your pet for training and see if it still follows the command. Practicing in different surroundings will ensure that your dog listens to your every time!

E). Always teach your dog one command at a time; you can move on to another, once they’ve mastered the first one. 

  •          Things you should avoid

A). Don’t give in and reward your dog before it completes a task.

B). Do not encourage bad behavior; always be strict while teaching what not to do.

C). Don’t scold your dog using their name; they may associate their name with negative emotions.

D). Never assault your dog for bad behavior.

E). Don’t overlap commands, be firm, and give only one command at a time

3. Fun ways to train your dog

Here is a list of some fun activities you can do with your dog during this occasion, and thereafter.

–     Teach a new trick: New Year calls for a new bag of tricks, and with new tricks, it is time to get some new treats and toys. 

–     Reserve a day of the week: Make training fun for your dog. Reserve certain day(s) only for them, and explore new activities.

From a puppy to a senior dog, everyone loves treats and praise. Even a senior dog can learn new tricks, albeit it might take more effort. So, let’s celebrate this occasion by making an active involvement in training our dogs and letting them live happily.

In honor of National Train Your Dog Month, get out and get training!