Confused Between Bravecto and Frontline Plus? Read Through To Pick One

By | April 23, 2022

Finding the right kind of flea and tick product for your pet can be a real task for any animal parent considering the endless number of treatment options to choose from. At times, pet parents find themselves in a state of confusion between products when there are more or fewer similarities between two products and one such pair of treatments is Bravecto and Frontline Plus.

This article articulates a detailed comparison between these two products that can help any pet lover make a suitable choice for their fur child.

Key Distinctions between Bravecto and Frontline Plus

1. The greatest difference between these two products is Bravecto provides protection for 12 weeks against fleas and ticks, whereas Frontline Plus safeguards for four weeks against the same set of parasites.

2. Bravecto is made of the active constituent Fluralaner. This chemical ingredient starts killing parasites within two hours of administration. On the other hand, Frontline Plus comprises Fipronil and S-methoprene. This pair of chemicals begins fighting against insects within 12 hours.

3. Frontline Plus is recommended for use in 8 weeks and older puppies, whereas Bravecto is safe to use in six months and older dogs.

4. Bravecto is available in both oral (Bravecto Chews) as well as topical (Bravecto Topical) forms for dogs, whereas it is available in a spot-on formula for cats. Frontline Plus, on the other hand, is produced in a liquid topical form for dogs as well as cats.

5. Bravecto kills fleas and prevents flea infections. Bravecto chew and topical solution for dogs kills ticks (American dog ticks, black-legged ticks, brown dog ticks, and lone-star ticks). Bravecto spot-on for cats kills American dog ticks and black-legged ticks; whereas Frontline Plus kills fleas, flea eggs & larvae, ticks (including that transmits Lyme disease), and chewing lice. Frontline Plus for Cats kills adult fleas and ticks; prevents re-infestations by killing flea eggs and larvae.

Below is the comprehensive comparison chart of Frontline Plus and Bravecto:

Bravecto-vs-frontline plus-comparison


Overall, both Frontline Plus and Bravecto make for a good choice when it comes to treating fleas and ticks. But Frontline Plus is comparatively lighter in your pocket than the Bravecto. However, Bravecto offers protection for three times longer durations than Frontline Plus. So, as a pet parent one has to pick between the price and length of protection while choosing between these two brands. In any case, your animal love will surely be shielded against those bloodsucking parasites.

No matter which treatment you decide to use on your four-legged companion, it is always recommended to discuss it with a veterinarian for the health and well-being of your animal child.